3×3- 9 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt

3x3 Style- 9 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt || Runway Chef Sometimes being basic isn’t such a bad thing. Take the basic white button down shirt, for example. It’s so versatile it can literally be worn for everything from the office to a holiday party to a casual outfit and even as pajamas (ok, maybe that last one is stretching it a little far….). And yet, it’s a staple that many of us our lacking in our closets. Perhaps you think you’ll look like you’ve got a waitressing uniform on or maybe it stirs up dark and ominous memories of pant suits and office cubicles (yes to both for me). But look a little closer (go ahead, I’ll wait). A white button down is merely a blank canvas for the person you want to be today. Add denim and you’ll look casual, sequins have you ready to party, and trousers help you to look polished and elegant. Today, the 3×3 ladies decided to make a case for the basic white button down by showing you 9 ways to wear one. One thing to note- as with other closet staples (LBD, handbags, denim, etc) it’s advised to find a tailored, quality piece when it comes to picking out a white shirt. However, finding “the one” can take some time, so I recommend having a more affordable option to temporarily fill the white shirt void in your closet. I myself have yet to find the perfect white shirt soI’ve been filling in with a $20 H&M one. I’ve linked a bunch of white button downs in a variety of price ranges and styles at the bottom of the post so keep scrolling to get your shop on. But first….hop on over to Grace and Luci‘s sites to get their input on this classic closet staple.

Row 1 // Sporty Dressy Attire, Classic Chic, Cognac Layers

Row 2 // Polished Dressy (coming Monday), Party Ready (full outfit coming Monday), Cozied Up

Row 3 // Casual & Colorful (coming Monday), Cropped Sweater, Summertime Denim

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Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Women

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Women || Runway Chef Saying hello to a new season also means saying hello to new fashion trends, something I’m always excited to do. Recently, I’ve spotted a few things here and there that I’ve mentally added to my “To Buy” list (and physically added to my Pinterest board) but I haven’t really had a chance to truly delve into the world of Fall 2014 fashion trends since the season started. So the other day I decided to sit down with my afternoon tea and write out a list of some of the things I’m hoping to incorporate into my wardrobe as well as some of the trends I’ve been spotting for the Fall 2014 season. Of course, in my world, food and fashion go hand-in-hand, so before I settled in to research the trends, you know I grabbed myself a snack, aka my daily dose of chocolate. My latest fave? The new Lindt HELLO chocolate. They come in delicious flavors like Caramel Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, and Crunchy Nougat. Hello?! How could I pass any of those up?! Oh, and also they come in mini sizes (along with bars and sticks), which is good because we all know, when it comes to me and chocolate, self-control is not in my vocabulary! In honor of their new chocolate, Lindt has partnered with Ashley Tisdale to co-produce “It Started with HELLO“, a digital romantic comedy video series that captures couples as they make their first connections. For each of the 5 episodes their will be 5 weeks of sweepstakes with some pretty sweet prizes (things like a shopping spree, a date night, and a spa day). Make sure you head over to the Sweet Connections Sweepstakes page for the official rules and to get yourself entered.

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Women || Runway Chef Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Women || Runway Chef So now that we’ve settled the important issues of chocolate, let’s talk fashion. For the fall season I’m loving things like long vests, capes, oversized sweaters and coats, mod 60′s dresses, printed outerwear, a dark brown lined lip, anything in a vibrant red, dresses over jeans, all the gray tones, felt hats, of course leather, art deco jewels and pearls, gingham and flannel prints, and maybe even a pair of metallic oxfords. As I mentioned above I’ve already got my eye on a few pieces, all of which you can shop below:

Tell me- what trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

This post is sponsored by Lindt HELLO chocolate. All opinions are my own.

Oscars 2014 Best Dressed & How to Make It Work for You

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture (photo via)- Dress, Top

The Oscars is the female version of the Super Bowl, except there’s better fashion and it’s much more entertaining (at least in my opinion). Although we had a few issues getting the live streaming to work (as did the rest of the world, according to Twitter), we were able to catch enough of the show for me to pick out some of my favorite looks (and to see Ellen handing out pizza…I mean, Hollywood celebs in fancy clothes chowing down on pizza in the middle of the Oscars is just plane amazing!). Here are some of my favorite red carpet looks and how you can wear them in every day life, no red carpet required.

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2014 Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive (photo via)- EarringsDress (more expensive dress option)

Sandra Bullock Oscars 2014 Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen (photo via)- Dress, Nail Polish

Lupita Nyong'o Oscars 2014 Lupita Nyong’o in Prada (photo via)- Headband, Dress

Camila Alves Oscars 2014 Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadena (photo via)- Clutch, Dress

Margot Robbie Oscars 2014 Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane (image via)- Dress, Maxi 

Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2014

Women's Fashion Trends for Spring 2014 Spring is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons. You can go outside without wearing 57.8965 layers. You can shed the thick winter coats. Sandals are acceptable footwear. It’s my birthday. Pretty flowers start blossoming. Windows can be left open. It’s my birthday. You can once again dine al fresco. New trends start making an appearance. And did I mention, it’s my birthday?! Yes, all of spring is my birthday….obviously kidding (although I do try to turn it into at least a month long celebration). So now that we’ve established that I will be celebrating my birth for the entire month of March, we can move onto today’s topic – women’s fashion trends for spring.

Here are some spring trends I’m loving (aka wanting for my birthday)-

Slip-on SneakersSave || Splurge

NauticalSave || Splurge (also love this & this)

Florals (specifically daisy prints)- Save || Splurge (lots more affordable daisy items here)

Varsity ChicSave || Splurge 

Pastels (specifically powder blue)- Save || Splurge

Marbled PatternsSave || Splurge (or incorporate the trend into your beauty routine)

Snakeskin- Save || Splurge

Perforated- Save || Splurge

15 Wardrobe Essentials

15 Wardrobe Essentials

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in front of my closet wondering what I should wear. It’s basically my (totally normal) morning ritual…you know, hit the snooze button 5 times, drink coffee, read the news, ask my closet what I should wear. Unfortunately, my closet rarely answers. So I drink more coffee. And ponder life’s great mystery…what in the world am I going to wear today?

Every few months (but especially in January), I evaluate my closet. I get rid of the pieces that aren’t working or that don’t fit and clean out things that have gone out of style, all while making a list of the things I am in need of. As I’ve gotten older I find myself valuing the importance of wardrobe essentials more and more and wanting to invest in classic pieces over something that is trendy. With just a few wardrobe essentials your closet instantly goes from “nothing to wear” to “endless possibilities”. The black dress with a sweater thrown over it turns into a black skirt and top. The jeans get dressed up with a pair of heels and the blazer. And then they get dressed down with flats and a stripe t-shirt. The eternal question of what to wear is suddenly no longer difficult to answer. Why, you ask? Because of these 15 wardrobe essentials right here.

  1. A Black Dress
  2. A Printed Blouse
  3. Basic Blouses (At a minimum you should have one in a nude/blush color, but I also like having one in a bold blue and red)
  4. Tan or Black Coat
  5. Flats in a neutral color or a neutral print
  6. Nude and Black Pumps
  7. T-shirts (long and short-sleeved, basic colors and stripes; I most of my t-shirts from Gap or Old Navy)
  8. Statement Necklace
  9. Camis (I recommend at least 2 black, a white, and a gray cami)
  10. A Classic Bag
  11. Jeans- BoyfriendSkinnyWide-LeggedBlackWhite
  12. Black Blazer (I also love this one)
  13. An Over-Sized Cozy Sweater
  14. Tan Booties
  15. A Fun Skirt

What are your wardrobe essentials?