Newport, R.I. Part 2 + Marriott Rewards Perks

Newport R.I + Marriott Rewards “I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Marriott Rewards®. I received Marriott Points to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” 

Last week you may have seen when I shared a few pictures from our weekend getaway to Newport, R.I. This week, however, I wanted to share a little bit more about where we stayed. In my continued partnership with Marriott Rewards® (remember my first post here?), my husband and I chose to stay at the Newport Marriott Hotel. You can find out a bit more about our stay as Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite members and some of the perks we enjoyed in this short (and very awkward/funny) video I made. Also, apparently, my favorite word is “ummm”….looks like my career in acting is out the window!

As I mentioned in the video, you can find out more about the Marriott Rewards program and enroll for free at, and of course, don’t forget to nominate a loved one for a fun surprise party over at the (the 3rd nomination period is August 1st-31st). The entries are based on merit (not a random drawing) so get those creative juices flowing! For all the official rules and details hop on over to

Travel Diary: Newport, R.I.

looking out to sea Over the weekend, Mr. RC and I took a quick trip to one of our favorite coastal town getaways- Newport, R.I. On Saturday we grabbed some day drinks with friends at the Midtown Oyster Bar, before heading to dinner at a Newport staple, The Black Pearl (if you ever go, make sure to get the fried brie). Sunday morning we grabbed brunch at The Clarke Cooke House, perused a few of the stores, hiked over to the breakers and the mansions, and then made our rounds for a few treats (see the pictures below) before heading back to the city. While it certainly was a quick trip, I’ll take all the time by the sea that I can get.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Newport,R.I. Marina

Cupcake Charlie's, Newport These cupcakes were so good…we went back twice (#sorrynotsorry). The first time we got chocolate sea salt caramel (swoon) and the next day we got funfetti and peanut butter and jelly.

Cupcake Charlie's Newport,R.I. mansions Through the mansion gates

The Breakers, Newport The breakers

Newport Mansions Honey, I’m home!

Rhode Island mansions Newport,R.I. Newport Mansions mansion gates The Breakers Newport Mansions Just another one of my homes, er I mean, the Newport mansions

Del's Lemonade Getting a Del’s is always a top priority when we’re in Rhode Island

Newport Travel Diary Newport,R.I. travel diary sailboat masts Newport Travel Diary

By the Sea

H&M striped skirt Just like I was apparently not ready to face the camera yesterday (I somehow ended up with only pictures of me looking away…I blame the photographer!), I’m so not ready to face this very long and very busy week. On the bright side, we spent the weekend in one of our favorite places, Newport, RI. It was short, but the weather was perfect and I got myself a Del’s, so it was definitely sweet. In true nautical fashion, I brought lots of stripes to wear. So many stripes in fact that I somehow was short a sweater to throw on during the cool morning. So in true Alyssa fashion, I “stole” my hubby’s sweater and hello, comfy, cozy outfit by the sea! 

long cardigan, striped skirt, Converse shoes tan sweater, white shirt, striped skirt nautical fashion summer neutrals Newport,RI Old Navy Shirt // Brooks Brothers Sweater (borrowed from Mr. RC, similar here & here) // H&M Skirt // Converse Shoes // Chanel Bag

The Wandering Soul

Barbados Sunset “Not all those who wander are lost”

As my husband and I embark on our 5th move together (yes, we’ve moved every year we’ve been together and yes, we know we’re crazy), I’ve been reflecting on my somewhat nomadic lifestyle. All in, I’ve moved more than 23 times over 5 states in my life (not counting the summers in college where I jumped around to various friend’s houses). Of course, there’s also the summer where I spent 2 months traveling the country with my family (which I know I’ve mentioned before). While moving can sometimes be a pain (scratch that..a HUGE pain), I realize that I wouldn’t be who I am without all of this traveling around.

For starters, I’ve become a wandering soul, or as my husband likes to always say, a gypsy. My thirst for travel is so deep that I know it will not be quenched until I have seen every single place in the world. Literally, Some even more than once (like Paris, le duh). It wasn’t until recently that I also noticed how much my travels and moving have effected the way I dress, the music I listen to, how I cook and the way in which I decorate our home.

My style has always been a bit schizophrenic, one day being bright and colorful (like tropical locations), some days being nautical (like my Northeastern roots), and other days being very city chic (thanks to where I currently living). After living in NY for a few years now, and traveling to Paris and Greece, I now find myself gravitating more and more towards clean lines and neutrals when it comes to clothing choices. My choices in music can also be a bit all over the place, but my college days in the Midwest brought on a love affair for country music that is still going strong, and when I cook, you can pretty much guarantee that I will probably have on some Parisian cafe music or Italian tunes. My cooking style is fresh and healthy and very much farm-to-table, but at it’s core are many family dishes rooted in Northern Italy, the place where my family originates from. As for home decor, I like things to be clean (Greek style) and modern (city style), a bit on the rustic side (those college days in the countryside of Kansas coming into play again), with a splash of color (reminiscent of New Mexico, one of my favorite places on my trip around the US). Of course, I like to throw in little things from our travels that serve as reminders of the places we’ve been, the places we want to see, and if nothing else, make for great story starters.

As I embark on this next move, I am thankful- thankful that it’s just a short move down 4 flights of stairs most importantly,  but also thankful for this gypset life that has shaped me into me.

I’d love to know- have you moved around a lot? Do your travels/moving effect who you are? And last but not least, who wants to help me move all our stuff down 4 flights of stairs? I’ll pay you in tequila and hugs! 

Culture Vulture Wanderlust

Santorini I have a constant serious case of wanderlust, as I’m sure many of you do. However, because I don’t get to travel nearly enough to satisfy my travel craving, I often find myself planning out dream trips instead. Everything from where to go, what to wear, and what to eat are all taken into consideration. Here are three cultures I’m currently dying to immerse myself in:

The Greek Islands- I went to Santorini a couple years ago and it’s no secret that I’m dying to go back. Everything from the colors, to the blue roofs, to the gorgeous waters and delicious food makes for one big feast for the senses. My next trip there I’d bring lots of easy, breezy white dresses (a few with embroidered detail), cute sunnies and hats to accessorize with, plenty of gladiator sandals, and of course, always some stripes. Because I’d keep my wardrobe mostly white with a little navy blue, I’d make sure to add a punch of color with a bright tangerine nail. As for the food, give me one of their fresh Greek salads and a slice of baklava every day and I’ll be all set.

Sweden- I’ve been fascinated with Sweden since I was a child, so while it may be just a bit colder than the Greek Islands, it’s still high on my list of places to visit. The Lapland, the Ice Hotel, crossing the Artic Circle, and visiting the Stockholm Archipelago all intrigue me, but of course I would also have to visit Stockholm. Lots of layers would definitely come in handy for this trip. I’d include things like leather pants and a jacket, beanies, felt fedoras, cute booties, oversized cocoon coats, and just a few simple statement accessories (like a cuff bracelet) to jazz up my outfit. As cliché as it sounds, I’d love to partake in a traditional Swedish smorgasbord and have pancakes with lingonberry sauce. I’d also be curious to try princess cake, but I’d probably pass on the pickled herring.

Vietnam Beaches- I’ll be honest, Vietnam is a recent addition to my travel bucket list, but after I stumbled across a picture of one of their stunning beaches, there was no way it wasn’t getting added to my list of places to go. After the long winter we had, I am doing some serious daydreaming about lounging on one of those Vietnamese beaches (like Phu Quoc) in cute floral bikinis, bright cover-ups, jean cut-offs, mirrored shades, and fun sandals. On the menu would of course be banh mi and spring rolls, but I’d also love to try bun cha.

And since we’re talking dream trips, why not also talk dream wardrobe for said dream trip? Here’s just a few of the things I’d pack to explore one of these new cultures-

Where are you dying to go and what would you pack to bring there?