2012-Looking Back & Moving Forward

Reflecting on 2012 I realize that it has been a fabulous, at times trying, but over-all successful year both for the blog and personally. Looking back at a lot of my earlier posts (which you are not allowed to judge me for!!!) makes me want to cringe (Was I suffering a temporary loss of sight when I put that outfit on?!? Did a 2 year old take these pictures?! Ummm did I actually think the things I said were funny???!!), but it also makes me happy to see how far I’ve come, how much I’ve learned and how much the blog has grown. Thank you all so much for reading along & for all of your continued support! It means the absolute world to me! I hope you enjoy the highlights (of Food, Fashion, Fun, Travel & DIY Projects) that I’ve put together below. As for 2013, I have lots of fun projects in the works, but I would also love to hear if there are things you would like to see more of, or if you have any suggestions. Please let me know in the comments.

Most importantly, cheers to an even better 2013!

food collage 2

Double-Nutella Donuts//Butternut-Leek Ravioli//Blood Orange Donuts//Perfect Steak Dinner//Cookie Bowls//Reuben Wonton Bites//An old favorite//1st Happy Hour Drink//Nicoise Salad//Healthy Pasta Salad//Celebrating the Olympics//The stickiest thing I’ve ever made//Seasoned Oyster Crackers//Ho-Ho Cake//Not your average meatballs//A new way to cook pizza// Cheesy Waffles//A classic winter beverage


Flannel & Fur//Face Lift//It’s my birthday//Not my usual look//Santorini Striped//Chanel in Paris//A new favorite Color combo in a new favorite city//Show Clothes//Blueberry Picking//Concrete Jungle//Pink & Pleated//Wild Thing//Denim Double//Double Striped//Up To My Neck//Classics//Holiday Attire  



Barbados  Barbados pt 1//Barbados pt 2//Barbados pt 3


Santorini//A Santorini Happy Hour//Santorini Activities//Santorini Food

Paris France

       Shopping In Paris//A Parisian Happy Hour//Parisian Activities//Parisian Food//The French Countryside

DIY projects

                   DIY Cupcake Bouquet//DIY Terrarium//DIY Letters//DIY Ombre Cut-Offs


 A Birthday//A new blog series//

Special photos captured in a special place//

My first Video

Happy Hour

Hope you’re all enjoying your week! These are some of the things currently making me happy…

Turning a special Chanel bag into artwork

 Incorporating the Mr.’s favorite animal into the wedding via these

Monday night dinners are always better when they include special treats (like this ridiculously thick & delicious bacon) from one of my favorite restaurants (Benjamin’s Steakhouse)

Stack of WSJ magazines of our coffee table

Finally found a place for this Santorini souvenir

Santorini – What We Ate

Most people go to Santorini to enjoy a combination of the balmy weather, unreal views, beautiful scenery and the delicious food. Confession: I would go back just for the food. It was THAT good! Good as in I would have legit slept in the kitchen just to be by the food, good as in I probably would have never left the table if I had it my way, good as in I probably gained 20 pounds in true American tourist fashion. These were just a few of my favorite things (FYI, everything I ate was actually my favorite!)-

I will never again be able to have an American version of Greek salad! I seriously could have eaten this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even in my sleep….they might has well have just given me a horse trough of it, instead of a plate. Fresher than farm fresh produce, olives and capers, deliciously creamy feta, hearty and crusty bread all drizzled in the best olive oil…..what I wouldn’t do for one of these right now!

Figs are one of my favorite fruits so of course I loved how it was used in so many dishes. When we saw that Floga served fig ice-cream, we knew we had to get some! Apparently we looked like we also needed something a little extra so we were given shots of a very strong alcohol (I think it was Tsipouro) that tasted stronger than Grappa (I didn’t know that was possible). Our incredibly nice waitress informed us that the Greeks drink this all day long, even for breakfast, but seeing as it took me about 45 minutes to have just a shot, I don’t think this will be replacing my morning coffee any time soon.

Baked Feta Dip + fresh bread + never-ending olives + best seafood (not pictured) at Sunset

Yummy Moussaka and calamari the size of my face at Thalami

Gyro lunch from a stand in Oia

Scallops, in-between course (see those little green fish-egg looking things? Those were little mint “beads”…how cool is that?!) and dessert at our hotel…I unfortunately don’t remember what they all were but I do know it’s one of the top 5 meals I’ve ever eaten.

Of course you can’t go to Greece and not have loads of honey-drenched baklava. By the way, “honey-drenched” is an understatement….these few pastries probably weighed about 10 pounds from an amount of honey that had to have been produced by at least 10 hives.

Off to the next leg of our adventure: Paris!

Santorini Outfits – Striped

Hat, Bag & Shorts: H&M, Shirt: Gap, Sandals: Target, Bracelet: old, but I think Arden B, Sunnies: Tommy Hilfiger

I always do my best to avoid looking like a tourist and to blend in with the locals.

As you can see, in the white world of Santorini, I accomplished this by wearing the brightest colors I had. For some reason, that just didn’t do the trick…

It must have been the Grecian jewelry and sandals giving me away (and obviously not the jumping 20 times, in bright purple Nike’s, to get this picture, like only a tourist would do).

Santorini-What We Did

Sorry for the delay in posts this week…real life has been hectic and completely overwhelming. But for now, back to Santorini…..here’s a list of places to make sure you check out if you visit this gorgeous island (you may have heard me mention some of these here, here, here or here).

The Wine Museum- The only natural underground wine museum in Greece (it is six meters under) that shows every aspect of the wine making process from as early as the 1600′s via automated effigies. { Photos-Above: me entering the cave; Below: outside the museum, old winery equipment, in the cave, jars holding varieties of grapes}


Ammoudi Bay- Whether you go by day (and take the walk down the 300 plus steps, or as you can see in the picture that zig-zag line down the hill) or night, you will get a beautiful view and hands down the freshest, best seafood ever!


Akrotiri-One of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. You literally feel like you’re standing in the middle of a history book. Akrotiri is similar to Pompeii, in that was buried and well-preserved by a volcanic eruption in the middle of the second millennium. They have been working to excavate the site since 1976, and though they still have a way to go, they have discovered three-story buildings, furniture, pottery, drainage systems and artwork, but no skeletal remains. Work was halted in 2005 when a roof protecting the site collapsed. We were super lucky because they had just reopened right before our visit. It was only 8 euros to enter and we took the bus from our hotel to get there (it’s a bit of a ride from Oia but it’s only around 2 or 3 euros a person, the buses are super comfortable and clean and you get great scenic views of the whole island as your drive).

Red Beach- After you visit Akrotiri, take the 1/2 mile walk down the road to check out the famous Red Beach. It’s super rocky (aka not ideal for catching some rays) and can get crowded, but it’s definitely worth seeing. Side note: Make sure to wear comfy shoes and clothes and bring snacks and water, as there aren’t many restaurants or stops by here.

Shopping- Fira is the more popular tourist stop for shopping (it’s directly above the cruise ship port) and it was a place that was really pushed by the locals and hotel staff as “the place to go”. However, we enjoyed shopping in Oia much, much more. The selection of products and stores were relatively the same, if not better (I think there may have actually been more stores in Oia), but it was less crowded, people were nicer and not trying to push every product on you, there were more restaurants to choose from for a lunch time/afternoon stop and you can’t beat the sunset view from here. It’s also where I picked up my new favorite bracelet (seen here).  And bonus for us: it was only about a mile walk from our hotel!

Other activities (we didn’t have time for)- donkey rides, boat tours to the hot springs and the volcano or around the entire caldera, cable car ride up and down from the seaport below Fira