Santorini – What We Ate

Most people go to Santorini to enjoy a combination of the balmy weather, unreal views, beautiful scenery and the delicious food. Confession: I would go back just for the food. It was THAT good! Good as in I would have legit slept in the kitchen just to be by the food, good as in I probably would have never left the table if I had it my way, good as in I probably gained 20 pounds in true American tourist fashion. These were just a few of my favorite things (FYI, everything I ate was actually my favorite!)-

I will never again be able to have an American version of Greek salad! I seriously could have eaten this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even in my sleep….they might has well have just given me a horse trough of it, instead of a plate. Fresher than farm fresh produce, olives and capers, deliciously creamy feta, hearty and crusty bread all drizzled in the best olive oil…..what I wouldn’t do for one of these right now!

Figs are one of my favorite fruits so of course I loved how it was used in so many dishes. When we saw that Floga served fig ice-cream, we knew we had to get some! Apparently we looked like we also needed something a little extra so we were given shots of a very strong alcohol (I think it was Tsipouro) that tasted stronger than Grappa (I didn’t know that was possible). Our incredibly nice waitress informed us that the Greeks drink this all day long, even for breakfast, but seeing as it took me about 45 minutes to have just a shot, I don’t think this will be replacing my morning coffee any time soon.

Baked Feta Dip + fresh bread + never-ending olives + best seafood (not pictured) at Sunset

Yummy Moussaka and calamari the size of my face at Thalami

Gyro lunch from a stand in Oia

Scallops, in-between course (see those little green fish-egg looking things? Those were little mint “beads”…how cool is that?!) and dessert at our hotel…I unfortunately don’t remember what they all were but I do know it’s one of the top 5 meals I’ve ever eaten.

Of course you can’t go to Greece and not have loads of honey-drenched baklava. By the way, “honey-drenched” is an understatement….these few pastries probably weighed about 10 pounds from an amount of honey that had to have been produced by at least 10 hives.

Off to the next leg of our adventure: Paris!

Barbados-Part 3

Here’s the 3rd and final part of our travels in Barbados. But first, just in case you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Today I wanted to write about the restaurants and activities we did on our second trip. While we made sure to revisit our favorites, we also switched it up and did the things we didn’t get to the first time around.


Because we stayed in St. Lawrence Gap, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by great restaurants.

Harlequin- This brightly decorated restaurant was literally right next door to our hotel (bonus) and we were able to sit outside to enjoy some yummy Bajan cuisine. One dish not to miss is their Pina Colada Cheesecake!

Cafe Sol- After days of exploring or beaching it, we usually ended up here for some refreshing cocktails &  yummy snacks or mid-day lunch breaks. They also have great 2 for 1 drink specials every day. The Blue Lagoon, Chi Chi, and Passionfruit Mojitos were our favorites.

Oistins Fish Fry- This is a MUST DO! So Cheap, so much authentic Bajan food, lots of fresh fish, dancing, entertainment and relaxing with the locals.We were only able to go on a week night, but apparently Friday night is the night to go (make sure to go early!). Basically there are about 20 different fish stands/restaurants in a square.  You choose one to go to (they seemed to mostly have the same thing at the same prices, but we chose Pat’s Place), you order your fish( (tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, flying fish and they also have chicken),tell them how you want it prepared (blackened,grilled,fried) and pick your sides (fries,coleslaw,and make sure to try the macaroni pie). Within about 20 minutes you’ll be enjoying a plateful of food, smothered with their special hot sauce, and drinking and ice-cold beer and all for less than $30 (for 2 people, each getting 2 types of fish).

The Round House- A little hard to get to but so worth it. It is definitely the best place to eat when you are traveling around Bathsheba. The Breadfruit Chips are amazing and don’t leave without trying their Bajan Coconut Pie!


The Animal Flower Cave- This cave is full of beautiful “animal flowers” aka sea anemones, although at the time we went most of them were “sleeping”. Still it’s a pretty spectacular view of the most northern point of the island.

Catamaran tours/snorkeling- Our first trip we went out with Tiami (a tour that included lunch, drinks & relaxing) and the second time we went with our hotel. Both times were unforgettable & something I highly recommend doing. Swimming with turtles is unreal!

Just a few other random things we saw in nature-

One of the millions of these little guys we saw literally everywhere!

There are so many fruit trees all over the island. Above, is a breadfruit tree and a banana tree.

We saw these monkeys by Crane Beach, but they too could be found throughout the island. How cute are they?! I wish I could have taken one home (the Mr. and I did not see eye-to-eye on this….I have no idea why!).


Hope you guys enjoyed reading about our trips to Barbados. Have any of you ever visited and what was your favorite thing you enjoyed?



Barbados-Part 1

With all the traveling we do, I don’t always remember to post about our trips. I figured now was as good a time as any to play catch up in the travel category so over the next month you will see lots of posts on this subject.


Barbados-Part 1

Barbados is an absolutely gorgeous island with amazing food, yummy rum punch, beautiful beaches, very affordable activities, super friendly people and did I mention the rum punch?! It also holds a special place in my heart as it is where I got engaged :) This is a partial recap of our first visit to the island.


The Tides- Maybe I’m biased because this is where I was proposed to, but I think this is the best restaurant on the island (and the only one we made sure to go back to on our 2nd trip to Barbados). With a dining area set among lush tropical plants and almost directly on the beach ( it’s hard to tell in the picture above but the oceans right on the other side of those bushes), a very kind and attentive staff, and a wonderful chef, what’s not to love? Picking favorite dishes here is hard because everything is amazing, but we loved the Crispy Crab & Prawn Cakes, the Risotto, Thai Jumbo Shrimp Curry, the Monkfish, the Tuna seared rare (pictured below) Little Sticky Toffee Pudding, The Trio of Creme Brulees and the Mars & Oreo Cheesecake is to die for!

Brown Sugar- This was our second favorite restaurant. In the midst of their tropical water gardens, dine on authentic delicious, home-made Bajan cuisine. Favorites include: Cou Cou & Flying Fish, Spiced Fish Filet, Curried Coconut Shrimp,and definitely don’t forget the Warm Paw Paw (Papaya) Pie.

Champers, The Cliff, and Pisce’s are other delicious options for peaceful, romantic dining right on the water.



Orchid World- Again, I may be biased on this because I love orchids, but if I could live in this flowery paradise I would. Absolutely stunning!

Harrison’s Cave- If you need an activity to cool you off from the heat make sure to check out this spectacular cave in the northern part of the island.

Harbour Lights- A fun all night activity, including music, dancing, and performances from locals, a traditional fish fry, free drinks and most importantly a rum buried treasure hunt (yes,you get to dig up bottles of rum!).

Mount Gay Rum- Do I even need to tell you why you should be going here? Ya, that’s what I thought…

Other things to check out include Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Forest, Flower Forest, Hunte’s Gardens, and zip lining.

Stay tuned for part 2, in which I’ll talk about lodging & the best beaches.