White + Denim

white shirt and denim shorts Some things never go out of style. Black heels, Chanel bags, white shirts paired with denim bottoms….Ah, the white and denim combo. I love this classic look and rely on it for all the times I “have nothing to wear” (so basically 6 days a week). When I’m at home writing you’ll find me in pajamas a loose white tee and some baggy boyfriend jeans. On weekends, it’s a white tank and denim cut-offs. When I want to get dressed up, I’ll reach for a white button down with more fitted denim bottoms, gold accessories and a pop of red. The equation may be a simple one, but the outcomes are many.

Enjoy your week and thanks for reading!

white H&M shirt white top and jean shorts white shirt white and denim 3 white shirt H&M Old Navy bucket bag white and denim white and denim outfit H&M Shirt (very similar) & Rings // DIY Shorts made from Gap Jeans (similar) // Old Navy Bag // Report Signature Sandals // Vintage Necklace // Revlon “Ravish Me Red” Lipstick

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On the Fringe

black H&M skirt, black French Connection shirt I’m on the fringe as to whether or not I like Mondays. The planning (grown-up) side of me loves a new week because it means a fresh new list and a fresh new start to tackle it. The other part of me (the part that is lazy and could spend all day daydreaming about ice cream and faraway lands) is like “Oh H to the no! I am not getting out of bed for this!” In case that didn’t clearly explain my feelings about Monday, this outfit is here to better help demonstrate. It’s mostly black for the black hole that is known as Monday, with a pop of hot pink for the hope that a new week brings, and of course some fringe, because well, we already covered that one.

How do you feel about Mondays?

On the Fringe || Runway Chef On the Fringe || Runway Chef On the Fringe || Runway Chef On the Fringe || Runway Chef On the Fringe || Runway Chef H&M Sunnies, Necklace & Skirt // French Connection Shirt c/o // Steven by Steve Madden Booties (similar) // Aeropostale Bag

Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts

Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef Minus this, I’ve been pretty much black and white (pun intended) with the pieces I’ve wanted to wear lately. Well, black and white, and of course stripes (but you already knew that). For someone whose world used to revolve around hot pink, thrive on patterns, and be sprinkled with glitter, it’s certainly a huge change. Maybe it means I’m getting older (nooooo!!!) and wiser (Ha!) about purchasing clothes that last multiple outfits as opposed to one. Maybe I’m bored with the been-there-done-that patterns and colors available. Or maybe, just maybe New York has creeped its way into my closet, one piece at a time, slowly but surely, making me a real New Yorker….

Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef Striped Shirt + Black Leather Shorts || Runway Chef H&M Blouse (other colors here, similar here) // French Connection Shorts c/o // Guess Shoes (similar) // Chanel Bag // Cuff from Santorini

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Blue Romper

blue romper I’m not going to kid you. If I could get away with wearing pajamas all day long, every where I went, I most definitely would. I’d also stay in bed all day if I could, but that’s besides the point. Sadly, bed days and all-day pajamas are a fantasy of my imagine. Rompers, however, are real life and about as close as you can get to pajamas without being actual pajamas. If you want, you can even throw on a necklace and a pair of heels and make them “fancy pajamas” (you fancy, huh). In fact, rompers are so versatile and comfortable, that I’m starting to think maybe I should just replace my pajamas with rompers. After all, waking up already dressed would solve that issue of staying in bed longer, and lets be real, who doesn’t want to stay in bed longer on a Monday?!

flower scarf and gold necklace Necessary Clothing blue romper dressed up romper Dark blue romper blue romper and nude heels blue romper Necessary Clothing Blue Romper // Vintage Clutch & Necklace // Scarf was my mother-in-laws // Report Heels (no longer available, similar here) // Banana Republic Bracelet

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White Vision

Necessary Clothing White Maxi Dress This isn’t the first time I’ve worn an all-white (or mostly white) ensemble (see here and here) and I know it won’t be the last. See, when I am completely lost in the depths of despair (otherwise known as my closet) I find that the only road out of that abysmally black whole is a one-lane road named “monochrome”.  In the winter, it’s typically monochrome black and in the summer it’s monochrome white. Wearing an all-white ensemble makes me feel light and fresh and about 10 degrees cooler (perfect for our humid NY summers and the crazy, frizzy head of hair that it gives me). It also makes me feel like I should be at a garden party or on a boat, which luckily I was, as I wore it to Mr. RC’s birthday dinner. The only thing it doesn’t make me feel? Like I should be eating a pizza….or a burger…or drinking red wine…or basically anything with color in it. Because let’s be honest, we all know I will never be the girl who can wear white and not spill on it…

Necessary Clothing white dress white dress + white sandals White maxi summertime white maxi Necessary Clothing Dress (in stores, this one is similar though) // Thrifted Clutch (similar) // Report Signature Shoes // Old Navy Earrings (sold in stores) // Bracelet from Barbados

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