Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather || Runway Chef “Use the sleeves of my sweater, let’s have an adventure, head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered”…

It’s most definitely sweater weather around here. 9 degrees? I’ll take 17 sweater layers please! Unfortunately photographing 17 sweaters is a bit of a challenge (for starters, I can’t move…), so you’re getting the modified sweater and button-down layers. It keeps me warm just long enough for me to yell at the Mr. to “take pictures faster” before I’m solidly frozen in place (which explains the 27 identical pictures we ended up with). While it is certainly fun to take the sweaters out for an adventure, my kind of sweater weather is actually the one where I’m curled up in an oversized sweater and a fluffy blanket, plopped right next to a fireplace, with a mug of hot chocolate the size of my face in my hand. Yup, that’s where me and my sweater will be (at least in my dreams) until spring….

Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Old Navy Beanie, Sweater, Button-down // Vigoss Jeans c/o // Just Fab Booties // Lands’ End Coat

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Hidden Places

casual-winter-outfit “I’ve got dreams in hidden places and extra miles for when I’m feeling blue”….

One of the things that keeps my love for New York going strong is that we never run out of places to explore, and by places I don’t mean Bryant Park or the Statue of Liberty. The places I’m referring to are those off the beaten path (which is easier said than done in a city of so many). As much as I love New York, it can be an exhausting place to live. Discovering these hidden gems does so much to revive me. They fill me with excitement, hope, passion, life, and dreams, and they refresh my soul. When we set out to shoot these photos, it was the last thing that I wanted to do. It was cold, grey, and ugly out (totally not what you’d expect for a Northeast winter, right?! Ha!). We were both over our typical shooting locations so we set out to find something new, but we kept having the worst luck. People lurking around, lack of parking, a bus driver yelling at us that we were in “bus only” lot when there was no sign indicating so….I was more than ready to give up. And then we saw it. It was just a glimmer at first, a sliver of land jutting out into the water, but it was a sliver of land that looked like a gorgeous park. It was hidden behind rows of industrial buildings with no clear indication on how to get there, or really what it even was. After making several wrong attempts to reach this hidden locale, we finally arrived. Mr. RC and I excitedly walked what we found out was a brand new park, exploring the fresh landscape and city vantage point, all while discussing life things. Feelings of gratefulness washed over us not only for discovering this magical new place, or for the city we call home, or for a to-do list item turned into an exhilarating afternoon outing, but for realizing that the journey to this park, was similar to the journey of life. It was difficult to get to and going there wasn’t what we had planned, but the obstacles were worth climbing over and the result was far better than anything we could have designed.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading!

casual-street-style Aerie-marled-joggers Joe Fresh red beanie camel-colored-coat Lands-End-Camel-Coat Joe Fresh Beanie // Armani Exchange Sweater // Aerie Joggers // Lands’ End Coat (on major sale right now!) // Old Navy Bag // Converse Shoes // A-List Essie Nail Polish

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It’s a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest)

It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef Do you remember way back in the deezy when everyone went on an Old Navy polar fleece vest bender? I’m talking polar vests all day, every day. In my attempts to be a “cool” kid, I jumped on the polar bandwagon and somehow convinced my Mom to let me use my hard-earned babysitting money to buy the vests in several colors (but not all the colors, which I’m pretty sure resulted in me telling her that “my life is like so totally over!”). My favorite was the burgundy colored one, which I wore like it was my freakin’ job. Eventually, the trend faded, taking with it what had become my second skin. At that point I was convinced I had had more than enough vests for one lifetime and vowed never to wrestle my arms into another one again. But Old Navy manages to get me every time (and no they are not paying me to write this, I just really love their clothes). Mr. RC was the one who actually spotted the vest. He’s been on a bit of rugged, outdoorsy kick, and in his mind, the puffer vest fit both categories perfectly. I reluctantly took it home, begrudgingly tried it on, surpisingly liked it, but decided not enough to keep it, took it to the store to return it…..and somehow ended up back home, vest still in hand. I’ve since worn it several times, each time mentally thinking my husband was right about this vest all along (but don’t tell him I said that!). My love for vests has since been rekindled and I’ve come to accept that apparently, Old Navy vests and I are just meant to be…

It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef Old Navy Vest (plus sizes online, regular sizes still available in stores), Sweater, Bag & Denim // American Apparel Turtleneck // Target Booties (similar)

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Party in Sequins + Velvet

Party in Sequins + Velvet || Runway Chef I know it’s pretty cliche, sequins and velvet for the holidays (I never….), but I couldn’t help myself. I scored this skirt on major sale (we’re talking less than $10) last year and anytime something super festive (hi holidays!) rolls around, it just begs to be worn. Since I’m becoming all grown up and shiz, all sequins all the time doesn’t cut it the way it did when I was 5 (well, except maybe if I’m visiting Vegas…) so I decided to slightly simmer down the sequins with a festive touch of velvet (a vintage blazer that was my Mom’s), the classic white shirt (did you catch Thursday’s 3×3 post on 9 ways to wear this closet staple?), and my favorite blue booties

What’s your go-to holiday look? I’ve included a few festive pieces at the end of this post if you’re still looking for something.

Party in Sequins + Velvet || Runway Chef Party in Sequins + Velvet || Runway Chef Party in Sequins + Velvet || Runway Chef Vintage Blazer (similar) // H&M Blouse // Joe Fresh Skirt (similar) // Kushyfoot Tights c/o // Report Signature Booties // Chanel Bag // Forever 21 Sunnies // Old Navy Earrings // Etienne Aigner Bracelet c/o // Elizabeth Arden “Red Door” Lipstick c/o

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3×3- 9 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt

3x3 Style- 9 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt || Runway Chef Sometimes being basic isn’t such a bad thing. Take the basic white button down shirt, for example. It’s so versatile it can literally be worn for everything from the office to a holiday party to a casual outfit and even as pajamas (ok, maybe that last one is stretching it a little far….). And yet, it’s a staple that many of us our lacking in our closets. Perhaps you think you’ll look like you’ve got a waitressing uniform on or maybe it stirs up dark and ominous memories of pant suits and office cubicles (yes to both for me). But look a little closer (go ahead, I’ll wait). A white button down is merely a blank canvas for the person you want to be today. Add denim and you’ll look casual, sequins have you ready to party, and trousers help you to look polished and elegant. Today, the 3×3 ladies decided to make a case for the basic white button down by showing you 9 ways to wear one. One thing to note- as with other closet staples (LBD, handbags, denim, etc) it’s advised to find a tailored, quality piece when it comes to picking out a white shirt. However, finding “the one” can take some time, so I recommend having a more affordable option to temporarily fill the white shirt void in your closet. I myself have yet to find the perfect white shirt soI’ve been filling in with a $20 H&M one. I’ve linked a bunch of white button downs in a variety of price ranges and styles at the bottom of the post so keep scrolling to get your shop on. But first….hop on over to Grace and Luci‘s sites to get their input on this classic closet staple.

Row 1 // Sporty Dressy Attire, Classic Chic, Cognac Layers

Row 2 // Polished Dressy (coming Monday), Party Ready (full outfit coming Monday), Cozied Up

Row 3 // Casual & Colorful (coming Monday), Cropped Sweater, Summertime Denim

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