Monday Motivation

Lately there’s been so much going on in my life, finding the motivation to get through my to-do list has been slim-to-none. And productive Mondays? Forget about it!  I mean let’s be honest. Who ever is motivated to get through a Monday is not human…or they’ve drank 10 pots of coffee….. But seriously, if I happened to come upon a genie and he said he would grant me one wish, it would be to get rid of Mondays. I.Hate.Mondays!

With that being said, I have too much to get done NOT to be motivated. These are five things I’ve been doing to help me get through my never-ending lists, and as it is Monday, I figured there was no better day to share.

1. Use the Pomodoro Technique- The gist of this is that you work 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break and after 4 “pomodoros” you are rewarded with a longer break. You can either use your own timer, or get the handy-dandy app that keeps track of how many pomodoros you have completed and your most successful day.

2. Make a Fun Drink- Whether it’s iced coffee or tea, a delicious smoothie, a juice or a protein shake, I’ve always found myself to be more energized with a healthy, yummy drink in my hand. Check out my drink board on Pinterest for some ideas (or make the one pictured below-raw oats, frozen banana, almond butter, Greek yogurt & milk)

3. Dress the Part- Aka, put some clothes on! I know this may seem obvious, but lots of people (myself included) don’t want to get out of their pj’s which consequently makes it hard to accomplish anything other than sleeping. So if you’re to-do list says “gym time”-get your workout gear on. If you need to clean, put on your cleaning clothes. And getting dressed like you’re going out and about (i.e. doing your hair, putting on some make-up,etc) will give you the boost you need to accomplish your goals.

4. Pump up the Jams- Being motivated while listening to Michael Buble swoon? Ya, that’s not going to happen. Make yourself a fun playlist, something that will get you moving and maybe even singing and dancing ( a little Spice Girls never hurt anyone!). This is one of my favorite playlists that gets me moving (and yes maybe there are some LFO & Aqua songs…don’t judge!).

5. Reward Yourself- With anything in life, if you work hard, you should get rewarded. So after you cross a few things off your list, give yourself a break and  take a nap, catch up on reading (50 Shades anyone?!), journal, bake cookies, do some Facebook stalking, run around in circles… basically whatever makes you happy.

What are some ways you motivate yourself?

Happy Hour

Nothing makes me happier than neat & organized spaces (just ask my poor fiance, who puts up with my very psychotic OCD).  Since a large portion of my free time this week has been dedicated to organizing our kitchen, here are some of my kitchen happinesses (and yes, a lot of them have to do with organizing!).

A bowl of limes brighten up our counter top

I have been looking for baskets like these forever (to hold things like potatoes & onions) but everywhere I found them they cost $30..a piece! No thank you! So imagine my happiness in finding them at a dollar store at the much more reasonable price of $6 (I’m still puzzled by things in a dollar store always costing more than a dollar….anyone else with me on this?!)

Nicoise salad (lettuce,tuna,hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, steamed potatoes & Dijon vinaigrette) for a late night simple yet delicious supper

Wine bottles & stoppers recycled to display our most frequently used vinegars and oils

A little green (fresh basil) to brighten up the concrete jungle we live in

Our china cabinet-turned-bar has safely made its 3rd move and is all set up and ready for cocktails & company.

DIY: Jewelry Storage, Part 2

This post is slightly over due (blame it on my mild addiction to pumpkin).
I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging, er, should I say leave your earrings hanging??!!

Ok, seriously though. I don’t know about you, but I have so many earrings and I never know where to put them. They used to end up tangled or piled on top of the 3 hooks in my jewelry box and this was just not working well for my jewelry selection. If you feel the same way, read on.

To make this board you will need:
(all of the sizes can be adjusted to whatever you need)

A bulletin board
Fabric (enough to cover the board plus about 2 extra inches)
Tacks-decorative or plain tacks and crystals to make your own
Fabric Glue

The easiest way to complete the board is to lay your fabric out with the front side facing down. Place the board face down in the middle of the sheet of fabric. Fold in the fabric and secure it with tacks and/or glue. Let dry. While it’s drying, make your decorative tacks by securing a crystal (choose whatever size or colors you would like…I used black) with a little glue on the top of the tacks. I found the best way to make this is by placing all the tacks in a bulletin board, placing the crystals on, and then leaving them to dry for about an hour. Back to the board, decorate it with ribbon and the tacks in which ever way you like (because the fabric was a bit busier I decided to keep the ribbon on just the corners).

DIY:Make-Up Brush Holder

If you are anything like me (which I sure hope you’re not, because I’m kind of crazy), you like everything to be super duper organized and in order.

And sometimes some things just can’t seem to get in order. Case in point, make-up brushes.  They just kinda sorta don’t belong anywhere. Usually they are awkwardly strewn about the bathroom, the counter, the living room, the bed….or wait, is that just me who is such a slob-ka-bob?

Regardless, of my make-up clutter, the point is my poor little brushes were homeless. Ikea rescued them.

With just a couple items and a few dollars, I was able to make a cute and colorful little organized home, so now my brushes are happy they aren’t homeless and I’m just happy they’re organized. Win-win!

DIY: Jewelry Storage

I have too much LOTS of jewelry. This is just some of my bracelets. Some??( I know, I know!) So I realized the time had come… tame this wild beast of a mess.
So I came up with this nifty little idea……
A Chinese Symbol!

Juuuuust kidding!!! But really these two little poles hold the key to ending all your jewelry confusions (please tell me I’m not the only one whose jewelry gets seriously confused and tangled??!!!)

 Hook, line and sinker…..I mean, hook, ribbon, and nails.
The tangles are no more! Thank you Lord!

What You Need
48″ dowel rod
Spray paint

I had the rod cut into two equal pieces. I then spray painted them (black to match my room)….make sure you get the ends :)  For me, I needed two rows so I decided to hang the top one with ribbon loops hooked onto nails (since this row would be the more prominent one I wanted it to be more decorative) and I used the hooks to hang the second row. I used a 16″ piece of ribbon for each hook, but adjust according to what you need. You can then easily lift the pole out of the hook, or ribbon, and then slide whatever jewelry you need off. (I have quickly learned things without hooks should not be placed dead center of the rod!)

Colors, sizes, placements, etc are all adjustable for whatever you need.