Happy Hour

hello gorgeous sign {A fun sign at the She Winks studio}

I have always loved the quote “Life begins all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall”, not only because I love Fall, and of course The Great Gatsby, but because I really do think it’s true. The new season is so crisp and fresh you can’t help but want to start over anew. Of course that has meant pulling out the sweaters and blankets, but the brisk air has also inspired me to get back on track with some goals that the lazy days of summer had me slacking off on. 

Do you feel that you change with the seasons or are motivated to hit the refresh button when the seasons change?

black, white and pink candy bar {Possibly the most glamorous dessert bar I’ve ever seen…. I mean, it had glitter cake pops for crying out loud}

red pears {A pretty bowl of delicious pears}

San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC {Enjoying the San Gennaro festivities, including way too many zeppole, an arancini ball the size of my face, and the parade}

fruit and vegetable magnets {A street vendor selling every kind of magnet you could possibly imagine}

life begins all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

Happy Hour

firewood {Firewood ready for cool fall nights}

Last weekend really started to feel like fall so I realized I really needed to let go of summer (noooooo). In an effort to do so I proceeded to cram all of the fall things I possibly could into the weekend. PSL’s (her recipe is the bomb.com) , a pumpkin dutch baby, wearing sweaters & booties, lighting pumpkin candles, making chili and cornbread…I mean, pretty much the only thing missing was fall foliage and candy corn. But what can I say? I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.

How are you getting ready for fall?

sweaters {Pulling out my sweaters for the cooler temps (and also realizing I probably need a few more)}

full mooon {A picture of the moon that Mr. RC snapped last week}

Met rooftop view {We finally made it to the Met rooftop and this view had me wondering why it took us so long}

yellow and red tomatoes {Pretty tomatoes at the farmers’ market}

if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine {I saw this quote on Jess’s site a couple weeks ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. I used to be more adventurous but I’ve gotten myself stuck in a horrible routine as of late. I’m definitely going to be working on being a bit more spontaneous and getting back to how I used to be.}

Happy Hour

NYC {NYC….or Miami??}

I know we just came back from vacation….but I already feel like I need a vacation. Is that bad? Probably, but it’s true. I literally feel like I’ve been going nonstop since we got back. I mean normally I hate when people who aren’t important say that they’re so busy because it’s like ” ‘ish please! You are not out there curing cancer. You are getting your nails done and meeting your friend for coffee…at 11am…on a weekday…when most people are at work. You are not that busy. Really.” But really….I’ve been busy, and I have no idea why (because Lord knows I am not that important and I’m certainly not curing cancer!). I’ve had back to back events since we returned last week (must be because I’m some uber duber important blogger…..ha!) and the homebody in me is having a major struggle sesh dealing with it. I’ll take a glass bottle of wine, my couch, some Real Housewives, and a few cookies over going out any day. Who’s with me??

striped surfboard {My favorite booth at the rewardStyle party…I’m sure you can’t imagine why….}

Empire Hotel {The lettering of the Empire Hotel rooftop sign has always been a favorite of mine}

baby carrots {Our carrots may not have grown as big as they were supposed to, but I kind of think they’re cuter as baby carrots}

Piperlime sweatshirt {Loving the neckline details on this Piperlime sweatshirt (coming soon) c/o}

don't give up quotes

Happy Hour

wildflower bouquet {A floral arrangement my brother put together from the flower’s growing in my Grandma’s garden}

As much as I love summer, I probably love fall 10 times more. The sweaters, the fires, the apple picking, the leaves….I could go on and on. Getting to spend the last (unofficial) week of summer on vacation was such a nice way to transition from one season to the next and it also made the let down of summer being over a little less painful. Now if only I could find a way to make coming back to over a 1,000 emails and back-to-back work events less painful too….

Happy Hour - A Weekly Round-up of Happy Things on Runway Chef {This marker on a hiking trail on Mt. Greylock signifies the point where 3 towns meet. I always have to stop at it so I can pretend that I am in “A Walk to Remember” and this recent time was no different except that I forced my brother to take a picture with me!}

Chatham, Cape Cod {One of the gorgeous beaches in Chatham, Cape Cod}

Caprese Salad {Caprese salad made with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and basil from my brother’s garden}

garden sign {While this may look like an insignificant piece of old wood, it’s actually a sign I painted for my Grandfather’s garden many years ago. The garden is long gone but the sign, albeit it well-weathered and barely legible (you can just barely make out a sun, a raccoon and the word’s “Gramp’s Garden”), still remains hanging on the garden gate, and I can’t visit my Grandmother’s house without going to look at it.}

There is no footprint too small quote...

Happy Hour

Brooklyn Park pop-up pool {These faded lights in Brooklyn Bridge Park reminding me of how quickly summer nights are fading}

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that my brain is already in vacation mode. Actually, let’s be real. My brain has been in vacation mode since like 2 weeks ago. So with that being said anything I write right now would probably just be a mumble jumble of word diarrhea and that’s just not pretty. So I’ll leave you with these pictures and the hope that your week is going well!

kitchen shelf styling {Working on kitchen shelf styling}

Jamberry nails {Excited to try Jamberry nails (c/o) for the first time…I’ll be sharing more about them next week, but in the mean time check out my friend’s page if you’re interested in buying your own}

sandals and booties {Switching out my summer sandals for fall booties}

monster cookies {Colorful cookie dough}

never get so busy making a living {Trying to keep this in mind while on vacation….picture via this post}