Happy Hour

whopper eggs {A favorite Easter candy}

I’m beginning to think I’m cursed when it comes to seeing the D.C. cherry blossoms. Since moving back to the East Coast, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to see the cherry blossoms every year, and every year something I have no control over comes up. This past weekend was no exception. After all our prep work, planning and excitement, our plans to head to D.C. ended up falling through, through no fault of our own. Luckily, we had some great weather here in New York, so the Mr. and I checked a few more coffee shops/bakeries/restaurants off our “to-try” list, had a picnic, took naps outside, and spent lots of time at our favorite place (the park by the water). I’m already looking forward to another weekend full of wonderful weather and celebrating Easter. 

How will you be celebrating Easter this weekend? Any special family traditions?

Hyacinth {This hyacinth flower is not only gorgeous but it’s also making our entire kitchen smell heavenly!}

King Eider {I’m one proud sister when it comes to my younger brother and his impressive drawing skills}

lard bread {Trying out Lard Bread, which is a million times better than it sounds}

easter eggs {Pulling out the Easter decorations…you can find the tutorial to make those egg candles here}

hope quotes {Remember to rise above your fears via}

Happy Hour

stripes {Adding to my never-ending stripe collection}

Things have been nonstop over here at the Runway Chef household and headquarters. All very good things, but all leaving me feeling as if I’m drowning in drying concrete (I’m so dramatic, I know). This past weekend had Mr. RC and I living like true New Yorkers, as a series of unfortunate events left us carless (FYI, for a city full of public transportation it’s surprisingly obnoxious to get around sans car). Despite no car and having to shoot 5 different blog posts, we still managed to make the most of this past weekend by fitting in brunch, a stop at our favorite bookstore, trying a new-to-us restaurant (with legit the best gnocchi I’ve ever had), and even having a picnic down by the water. This week, I’ve had work events almost every evening so I’m already counting down the days to the weekend when we will be heading to D.C. for a mix of business and pleasure. I haven’t been to D.C. since I was in high school so any recommendations are wanted and gladly accepted! Do you guys have any exciting plans coming up over the weekend?

D.C. {Planning for D.C.}

Chanel {Finally warm enough to pull out one of my favorite pairs of shoes}

Peter Som for Kohl's {The box for my Peter Som clothes has me itching to go to St. Barths}

Buttermilk Channel sticky bun {Sticky bun from brunch}

Strive for Progress not Perfection {Remembering this as I progress through a busy week}

Happy Hour

Tribeca {Sunset off the pier in Tribeca}

While March was one of the best months I’ve had in a while, the universe decided to play it’s own April Fool’s joke on me by kicking off April with the worst day ever. After I sulked around in my sweats, ignored my massively ridiculous to-do list, and stuffed my face full of chocolate, I remembered I needed to write today’s HH post. Go figure. I mean have you ever tried to remember what you’ve been happy about when you’re in anything but a happy mood?! It’s no walk in the park! So after 9.764 attempted starts to this post, 23.67493 minutes of staring at the computer screen, and approximately 59.678 times of telling myself to “Get it together, Alyssa!”, I realized I was happy that I had these HH posts for days exactly as dreadful as yesterday’s.

Also, I realized I had made this, and let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to be sad when there’s bacon around…

purple scallions {I’m always excited to discover new-to-me foods, like these purple scallions…has anyone else seen these before?}

My Social Canvas {I’m a sucker for good totes, but I love it even more when they’re for a good cause}

Lips artwork {I loved this artwork & light fixture so much I couldn’t just share it on Instagram…I’m thinking I want to recreate this light fixture for our kitchen}

Anne of Green Gables {Thanks to Christmas & birthday gifts I finally have the complete set of my all-time favorite movies…did anyone else love these movies growing up?}

anne of green gables quotes {Favorite quote from said favorite movies…couldn’t be more appropriate for today’s HH; via here

Happy Hour

daffodils {Attempting to lure spring in with my fresh daffodils}

I think it’s safe to say that the one question on everyone’s mind is: “Where is spring?!?” Mother nature somehow still hasn’t gotten the memo that the 1st day of spring was quite a few days ago. But since I’m not confused on the days of the calendar, I’m filling my HH posts, Instagram feed, apartment, and closet with as much springiness as possible….at least until the real spring catches up.

Has spring arrived yet where you live? If not, are you doing any spring-like activities to make up for the fact that it’s still cold out?

frenchies {Frenchie salt & pepper shakers my father-in-law bought me while antiquing}

flatbread {A yummy flat bread lunch from Chamard….this deliciousness was also from there}

antique pins {Pretty pins that were my mother-in-laws}

bright lipsticks {Pulling out brighter lipstick shades in anticipation of warmer temps- left, middle, right}

every flower must grow through dirt {A spring-inspired quote on last year’s cherry blossoms}


Happy Hour

books {Thrift store book scores, rhyming unintentional}

The more time passes the faster time seems to pass. I always remember when I was growing up how my Mom would go on and on about how quickly time flies by. And I was all like “I’m never going to see the day when I get my ears pierced!”, “I’m never going to have my own car!”, “Will high school ever end?”. And now, here I am, wishing time would slow down just enough for me to catch a breath between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night (a time which, more often than not, passes by in a blur of “where did the day go and how did I never have time to put makeup on?”). Looks like Mom was right again…

sticky wings {Made the sticky wings that were featured alongside my recipe in this BuzzFeed round-up}

jean skirt {A trend that I’m super excited to see is back…planning to rip this baby up a bit so stay tuned for the outcome}

Paris gifts {Speaking of Mom being right, she knows just what to get me for my birthday- anything Paris themed….can you believe she managed to find Paris tape?!}

irish soda bread {Homemade Irish soda bread from Monday}

To learn to appreciate minutes, will take years {This week’s quote}