Happy Hour

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {Making gingerbread cookies}

Well, it worked. I got some snow after I ranted on and on about not having any last week. Sadly, it was barely here long enough for me to step outside and enjoy it. But it did motivate me back into more festive spirits. Of course, baking cookies, enjoying more of the Christmas lights in our neighborhood, and listening to carols by our tree didn’t hurt, either. Also, can we talk about the fact that Christmas Eve is one week from today?! Holy red santa claus! I am so not ready! If you’re still gift searching (like me, per usual), don’t forget to check out my gift guides, Hostess Gift Ideas, Grab Bag/ Secret Santa Gifts, an easy DIY gift, and the Rugged Retro Men’s Gift Guide, for more ideas.

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {Brown paper packages tied up with string}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {Birch bark for Christmas decorating…full decoration reveal coming Friday}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {An early Christmas present (seen in the Grab & Gift Gift Guide) that I’ll be especially thankful to have on next week’s 11 hour drive}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {These scentsicles (c/o) have been filling our whole apartment with one of my favorite scents of the season}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {via

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {gold and copper wrapping paper} || Runway Chef {Gold & copper wrapping paper}

Mr. RC and I have been little elves going to town decorating the Runway Chef headquarters (aka our home) yet I’m still struggling to fully get into the holiday spirit. No matter how many pine candles I light (and trust me, I light a lot {see below}) and how many Christmas songs I listen to, it hasn’t hit me that Christmas is just 15 days away (yikes!). I’m totally blaming the weather for this one, though. I don’t know about where you live, but here in NYC, it’s literally rained buckets for what seems like an eternity and a day, yet not a flake of snow in sight. So I’m over here praying for a blizzard and a fireplace so that I can really get into the Christmas spirit. Despite how the weather has been acting, I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ll probably get the snow before I ever get the fireplace (I suggested bringing our fire pit inside but the Mr. thought our landlord wouldn’t be too happy with us, I can’t imagine why….).

How are you getting into the holiday spirit?

Happy Hour {warm socks} || Runway Chef {New cozy socks for warm feet and magazine reading by the tree}

Happy Hour {advent calendar} || Runway Chef {Last week’s homemade ornaments turned into this week’s DIY advent calendar…each day we take a star and hang it on our mini tree}

Happy Hour {holiday candles} || Runway Chef {You could say I have a thing for holiday scented candles…}

Happy Hour {frenchie cookie jar} || Runway Chef {Our version of having a pet, a frenchie cookie jar}

Happy Hour {T.S. Eliot Quote} || Runway Chef

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {homemade Christmas ornaments} || Runway Chef {Making homemade ornaments}

Who else can’t believe that it’s already December? Raise your hand! I mean I’m just sitting over here trying to work on my 2014 resolutions and it’s already time to think about 2015. Obviously, my 2014 resolution should have just been to plan for 2015 because I am behind with a capital B. OK, maybe that’s slightly dramatic (Me? Dramatic? Never!), but I do feel behind, whether it’s the fault of the resolutions or just this time of year in general. The presents, the decorations, the parties, the traveling, the planning….I think it’s safe to assume we all feel a bit overwhelmed and behind during this holiday season. And if you don’t…..you must have a secret super power??! Please share it and teach me your ways!

Are you still working on 2014 resolutions or have you moved on to planning for 2015?

Happy Hour {Bluebird Coffee Shop, NYC} || Runway Chef {Cute coffee shops make coffee taste better, no?!}

Happy Hour {fall fading into winter} || Runway Chef {Fall fading into winter}

Happy Hour (champagne tasting} || Runway Chef {Champagne tasting class}

Happy Hour {vintage Christmas records} || Runway Chef {Adding to our record collection with a few vintage Christmas albums}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef {quote via}


Happy Hour

Happy Hour {Fall in Central Park} || Runway Chef It couldn’t be a more appropriate day for a Happy Hour post than the day before Thanksgiving. In a world that seems to become more wrapped up (pun unintentional) in holiday presents every year and less interested in being grateful, it can be hard to focus on what truly matters. Instead of my typical picture HH, I wanted to share a few things that I’m especially thankful for right now. Because I hate having all the attention on me (yes, I’m aware how ironic that statement seems) I’d love to hear things that you’re thankful for in the comments below, or, if you share a picture of something your thankful for on social media, use the #rchappyhour. And if you think you have nothing to be thankful for, well think again!

1. My husband- I know I say it a lot, but this guy is my entire world. There are not enough words in the whole dictionary to describe how thankful I am for all his unending love, support, hard work, dedication, honesty, patience, food-tasting, and photography taking.

2. My family- They may be slightly dysfunctional and there may be a few people who are no longer with us, but the older I get, the more appreciative I am of the family that I do have. I heard a story on the news about a man in Virginia who was staying in a homeless shelter. He had put an ad out looking for a family so he didn’t have to spend the holiday alone like the previous year because it made him so sad. It was a reminder to me, that no matter how crazy my family can drive me, there is someone somewhere who would do anything to have those people in their life.

3. Setbacks and difficulties- It may sound like a funny thing to be thankful for, but every single difficulty or set back in my life has always helped me learn a lesson, work harder, become a better person, or led me down a better path than the one I had originally planned for. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without those experiences, so for that I am truly thankful.

4. Food- The ability to have it, to know how to cook with it, to enjoy and taste the flavors of it, to be able to appreciate it, to live in a city full of restaurants that serve it so well, that I can make a living with it, and to be able to share it with loved ones.

5. Blogging World- Last, but certainly not least, I’m so incredibly grateful for this blog and everything that has come through it. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize how lucky I am that I get to share things I love with you, every.single.day. It’s taken a lot of hard work, love, and sacrifice (from myself and my family) to get RC where it is today and for all of that I’m truly thankful. But the thing I’m most thankful for are all of you who come to read, comment, pin, share, tweet, like, email, etc….it truly blows my mind away. I simply started this blog as an escape from a mountain of job applications and it has since turned into so much more- a network of friends, an escape from the dramas of real life, a wonderful community and support system, and a means of helping me provide for my family. I’m truly, beyond words, grateful to each of you.

Don’t forget…I really want to hear some things you’re thankful for in the comments below or on social media! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you back here Monday morning!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {Central Park castle} || Runway Chef {It only took us 4 1/2 years of wandering Central Park to find the castle…}

I apologize in advance if the better part of this post looks like fall threw up all over it. Since I know snow is just on the horizon, I’m trying my best to hang onto every last drop of burnt orange and buttery yellow that I can. In fact, while there are still plenty of signs of fall in Central Park, snow was already on the ground when we ventured upstate last week for a little trip to the Culinary Institute of America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for snow. But I’m learning to savor things in the present so I don’t have to look back at something that I missed in an effort to too quickly move onto the next thing. The changing seasons is as good a place as ever to practice being present. While everyone else is all like “I’ve got my tree up and my stocking hung and cookies baked for santa”, I’m just over here trying to catch the last leaves falling from the trees….

Are you hanging onto fall like I am, or have you already embraced the holiday spirit?

Happy Hour {salted caramel & coconut brioche donut} || Runway Chef {Salted Caramel & Toasted Coconut Brioche Donut from the CIA}

Happy Hour {fall in Central Park} || Runway Chef {Peeking at fall through the castle windows}

Happy Hour {Trader Joe's truffle products} || Runway Chef {You could say we like truffles…}

Happy Hour {Culinary Institute of America} || Runway Chef {I was a huge fan of the cooking themed street names on the CIA campus}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef