Happy Hour

Happy Hour {Central Park castle} || Runway Chef {It only took us 4 1/2 years of wandering Central Park to find the castle…}

I apologize in advance if the better part of this post looks like fall threw up all over it. Since I know snow is just on the horizon, I’m trying my best to hang onto every last drop of burnt orange and buttery yellow that I can. In fact, while there are still plenty of signs of fall in Central Park, snow was already on the ground when we ventured upstate last week for a little trip to the Culinary Institute of America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for snow. But I’m learning to savor things in the present so I don’t have to look back at something that I missed in an effort to too quickly move onto the next thing. The changing seasons is as good a place as ever to practice being present. While everyone else is all like “I’ve got my tree up and my stocking hung and cookies baked for santa”, I’m just over here trying to catch the last leaves falling from the trees….

Are you hanging onto fall like I am, or have you already embraced the holiday spirit?

Happy Hour {salted caramel & coconut brioche donut} || Runway Chef {Salted Caramel & Toasted Coconut Brioche Donut from the CIA}

Happy Hour {fall in Central Park} || Runway Chef {Peeking at fall through the castle windows}

Happy Hour {Trader Joe's truffle products} || Runway Chef {You could say we like truffles…}

Happy Hour {Culinary Institute of America} || Runway Chef {I was a huge fan of the cooking themed street names on the CIA campus}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef

Happy Hour

Happy Hour { Farm to Table French Phrasebook} || Runway Chef {I’ve taken years of French, but nothing has made it as fun to learn the language as this book has (it even includes some traditional French recipes…what could possibly be better ?!). Now “curie au four” (to bake) some macarons and book a trip to Paris…}

Sometimes there’s just not a whole lot to say…so this week, instead of rambling on and on like I usually do, I’ll just let the pictures and their captions do the talking.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Hour {Maine} || Runway Chef {My happy place- the coastline of Maine}

Happy Hour {lobster roll} || Runway Chef {Can’t beat a $5 lobster roll!}

Happy Hour {Portsmouth Harbor} || Runway Chef {One of my favorite pictures from our weekend visiting friends in Portsmouth}

Happy Hour {fall leaves} || Runway Chef {A walk through the fall leaves}

if you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {horseback riding in upstate NY} || Runway Chef {Checking “Go horseback riding upstate” off of our fall to-do list}

I was so busy talking about vacation and shutting off in last week’s HH post that I completely missed the fact that it was the 100th Happy Hour post. For a series that’s supposed to focus on the little things that make me happy, I sure dropped the ball on that one! But, better late than never, I’m truly thankful that you guys allow me to share these happy things with you every week (and I always love when you share your happy moments with me). Hitting the 100th post right before the holidays seemed like a fitting reminder that, in the middle of a hectic season, it’s especially important not to forget to keep finding those small blessings in the every day that make you happy.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Happy Hour {@Snikiddy Cheese Puffs} || Runway Chef {Current favorite snack- Snikkidy Cheese Puffs….they taste good & they’re good for you!}

Happy Hour {Castles of New York} || Runway Chef {Planning more NY adventures with the help of this book}

Happy Hour {Melissa's Produce fruit monsters} || Runway Chef {Because we were traveling, we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins this year. However, we did make these little fruit monsters thanks to Melissa’s Produce, who sent over a box of fruit goodies.}

Happy Hour {Brotherhood Winery} || Runway Chef {Paying a visit to the oldest winery in the country}

Happy Hour {Grateful quote} || Runway Chef

Happy Hour

Palm Tree || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Palm tree views}

We got back from the Domincan Republic late Monday night and by Tuesday afternoon I was already buried deep in hundreds of emails, several work events, and piles of luggage. Because we were gone for such a short time I chose to completely go off the grid (I may or may not have had Instagram withdrawals for the first 24 hours). I had forgotten what it was like to eat food as soon as your plate arrives (as opposed to 15 snaps, 7 edits, 2 filters and 1 Insta later). Getting dressed is a heck of a lot easier when you aren’t perfectly arranging every accessory you own to get that perfectly perfect shot. I know nothing says romance like a sunset, the beach, and those three little words (best. instagram. filter), but trust me when I say, sometimes those beach sunsets are better without the 3rd wheel (aka phone). No guy wants to lean in for a kiss, only to hear you say “Babe! What Instagram filter do you think makes this sunset look the best?….Oh. You were trying to kiss me? Ok, lemme just finish up this Instagram real quick. Give me like 6 shots, a few edits in my editing app, 10 minutes to think of a good # (can you help me with that? Like, can you maybe look up some good words that would make funny #’s?), and basically 10 centuries to determine if my picture is good or not, k? Kthanksloveyouyourethebest!” Suffice it to say, shutting off was good for the soul. But it certainly made getting back into the swing of things extra difficult. Good thing me and my gypsy soul are always plotting the next getaway….

Frankie's Spuntino Cookbook || Runway Chef Happy Hour {A new cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants}

Punta Cana || Runway Chef Happy Hour {My happy place- turquoise water and white/pink sand}

fork and knife wall art || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Loved these giant silverware pieces hanging in the kitchen at My Cooking Party}

plaid scarves || Runway Chef Happy Hour {New plaid scarves for cooler weather}

Happy Hour - A Weekly Round-up of Happy Things on Runway Chef {Quote via}


Happy Hour

Beacon Falls, NY || || Happy Hour @runwaychef #NYstate #travel {Beacon Falls in Upstate NY}

I have to tell you guys the funniest story. Well, at least I think it’s funny, but maybe I’m just crazy. Last Friday, I’m sitting at my desk, dealing with a ridiculous wine pizza hangover (#strugglecity) from NYCWFF. I’m typing out an email, when I start hearing a clicking noise, a click that is definitely not coming from my keyboard. Thinking I’m imagining things based on a lack of sleep, I continue typing. The noise gets louder, so I turn to check it out, and as I do, a furry little face peeks up at me from the foot of my desk. Keep in mind, we have no pets. Within the span of 0.5 seconds I realize it’s a squirrel, scream like someone just got murdered in front of me, frantically start dialing my husband, and jump on the couch. What can I say? It was a productive half second. After I calm down/remember how to breath/don’t pass out, I inspect our screen door to find that the squirrel had some how weaseled his way underneath the screen. He had run back out of the apartment when I screamed, but needless to say I’ve now been extra careful when I leave the door open as the neighborhood squirrel is not exactly my ideal assistant. In addition to wild animal intruders, this week has been a bit of a busy one, so I’m looking forward to heading to the Caribbean this weekend for one of my best friend’s weddings.

Do you guys have any fun plans coming up? And I have to ask, any funny encounters with wild animals in your home? Please tell me I am not the only one!

Morning Glory Flowers || Happy Hour @runwaychef #flowers {Even though it’s starting to get cold, there are still a few flowers in bloom}

City of Beacon, NY || Happy Hour @runwaychef #NYstate #travel {Exploring Beacon, NY after a hike…we got a waffle sandwich from YogoWaffle and a Bleu Boar grilled cheese from Beacon Bread Company, both of which were really good}

abandoned house, upstate NY || Happy Hour @runwaychef #travel #explore #upstateNY {Ever since Mr. RC and I discovered this Instagram account, we’ve become obsessed with abandoned things, usually simultaneously shouting “It’s abandoned!” when we see something that looks abandoned (obviously). You know we said that about this house, which you know means we had to take a picture of it.}

Halloween Candy Bar || Happy Hour @runwaychef {The festive Halloween candy bar at the JCPenney lounge at NYCWFF}

when everything feels like a struggle, just think of the view from the top