What’s In My Bag

What's In My Bag || Runway Chef I’ve always been a big fan of the ‘what’s in my bag’ posts or magazine articles, mostly because I’m a nosy person (guilty as charged), but also because I love seeing if there is anything I’m missing out on or absolutely need in my life/in my bag (because I don’t already carry an entire drugstore around). I never used to carry much in my bag…actually, that’s a lie. I’ve always carried a lot in my bag. I still carry a lot. The difference is that now it’s all organized. I switch bags frequently so I’ve wisened up to organizing all my stuff in a mini pouch then I just grab the pouch and throw it in a bag. This also ensures that if makeup spills, it’s only spilling inside the mini bag, not all over your nice purse. Whether you’re looking for a few new things to stock up on (any excuse to go shopping right ladies??!) or you’re just nosy (like me), I hope you enjoy this peek at what’s in my bag.

Also, I’d love to know, what’s in your bag that you just can’t leave home without?

What's In My Bag || Runway Chef Lotion // Good not only for dry skin and hands, it also works to tame fly-aways, keep eyebrows in place, and (in an emergency) as backup deodorant

Bobby pins and hair ties 

Mini mirror

Bandaids // Because walking around NYC can give you lots of blisters

Mini bottle of concealer


Blotting papers // These are a lifesaver on hot, sweaty days

Mascara // Can also double as eyeliner in a pinch, just turn the wand vertical

Chapstick, tinted lip balm, and a mini lipgloss

Mini perfume sample

Eyelash curler

Nail files (regular, sapphire)


Nail buffer // In case your nails need a quick shine on-the-go

What's In My Bag || Runway Chef Umbrella // I’ve learned in NY, you never know when the weather is going to change and there is nothing quite as bad as getting stuck out in the rain, sans umbrella

Business cards & card holder

Mini notebook & a pen // You never know when an idea is going to hit you…

Sunglasses // As with the umbrella, you never know when the weather is going to change, so it’s best to be prepared

Tide pen // This has been a life saver more times than I can count


Metro card



Not pictured: a snack, water, hand sanitizer, my vitamins (I take a probiotic and digestive aid with every meal), Emergenc-e (in the winter), Tums and Advil

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Polka Dotted Picnic

polka dot dress + big hat + Keds Dress: Forever 21 (love this navy blue one), Hat: similar, Shoes: Keds, Sunnies: Amazon, Lips: Sephora “Forever Fuchsia

polka dotted dress I am a clothes hoarder. In fact, until Poshmark came along, it had been ages since I had done a (much needed) closet clean out. I only wish I knew what I was thinking hanging on to things from high-school and college…no wonder I always felt as if I had nothing to wear! Despite realizing that 3/4 of my wardrobe might look better on someone else (like the trash), there were still a few pieces I was able to save. This polka-dotted dress is one of them. With its classic silhouette and timeless black and white pattern, I knew it needed to stay. Feeling like Taylor Swift (especially when paired with Keds) or channeling my inner 50′s housewife while wearing this dress is just an extra bonus!

picnic attire polka dot dress + floppy hat polka dotted dress

4×4 Style- What To Wear To An Interview

what to wear to an interviewwhat to wear to an interview

what to wear to an interviewwhat to wear to an interview

In this month’s 4×4 style, the ladies (JealeyniGraceLuci) and I are very excited to be showcasing a reader request (see, it pays to use that #4x4style hashtag!) regarding what to wear to an interview or to work. As always, I love that we all have such different styles that we were able to give you 4 very unique, but completely appropriate, interview or work options. For all their outfit details make sure you check out JealeyniGrace and Luci‘s blogs and show these pretty ladies some love while you’re there!

What To Wear To An Interview classic interview outfit dressy interview outfit 4 types of outfits to wear to an interview work to date night outfit What To Wear To An Interview 4 different styles of what to wear to an interview What To Wear To An Interview

Shirt: Kohl’s (similar), Pants: H&M (similar), Blazer: BCBG Max Azria (similar), Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Chanel (a very special gift), Sunnies: Amazon

Can we talk about how fun interviews are??! Oh wait you thought I was being serious? Ha! Interviews are about the least fun thing ever, besides maybe taking out the trash and washing dishes (thank God for husbands!!). But being that I’m always one to find the best in any situation, I try to remind myself that it’s fun to have the opportunity to dress up and look my business savvy best. Before living in New York that meant anything from dress pants and a nice top to a modest dress to a pencil skirt and a blouse with a choice of flats or heels. But I quickly learned that in New York your options were business suit or business suit (super exciting stuff, right?!). And let me tell you, a business suit in the summer heat in the NYC subways goes right up there with least fun things ever. I’ve learned to wear light weight, silky pants and a sleeveless shirt with enough detail to show my fashionable side without being over-the-top. I walk in flats and carry my heels and a sleek blazer to throw on at the last minute. I keep everything else to a minimum- a polished ponytail, clean and minimal make-up, a classic bag and only the essential jewelry pieces (i.e. wedding ring, earring studs and a watch). And the best thing is, all these pieces will transition well from interview pieces into work outfits, after-work happy hour outfits and even a dinner date outfit.

What’s your go-to for workwear or when you have an interview to go to? Remember to show JealeyniGraceLuci and I using the hashtag #4x4style and be sure to let us know if you have anything specific you would like to see (after all, your reader request could be answered next!)

Summertime Canadian Tux

Summertime Canadian Tux Shirt: thrifted (similar), Shorts: DIY (similar), Belt: Target, Booties: Rocket Dog (last seen here, dark brown option here), Bag: Aeropostale (last seen here; similar option), Bracelet: a gift, Sunnies: Walmart (similar)

jean shorts and chambray shirt You know those pieces in your closet that are slightly flawed and yet you can’t stop wearing them? Like, oh say, they have a minor rip, or a small stain, or you know, the middle button likes to randomly pop open and surprise flash everyone. Yup, the latter would be this shirt (although thankfully I haven’t surprise flashed anyone but myself yet). Oh and the shorts have a major minor rip. So basically all that I’m missing is the stain (which I usually accomplish by the end of the day anyways). Sadly, I’ve become a little too obsessed with both items to let the fear of my clothes falling apart scare me. And this Canadian tux, with the cut-off jean shorts and brightly colored accessories, how could I ever say no to this?!

In other news, I apologize for the sporadic, sometimes delayed, postings as of late. I am working to implement some changes and new additions to the blog soon. Any suggestions or feedback on things you would like to see (either a new section, or more or less of something else) is always welcome!

Summertime Canadian Tux messy beach hair how to wear chambray in the summer pink fringe bag chambray button down P.S. I’m linking up with Style Sessions, What I Wore Wednesday, Summer Style,Friday’s Five, and Sharon.

Romper Remix

black romper outfit Scarf (as headwrap): vintage, Sunnies: sample sale, Necklace: made by me, Romper: H&M (similar option), Vest (white still available in stores) & Bag : Aeropostale, Booties: Rocket Dog (in dark brown here)

how to style a summer romper outfit I’ve always been a big fan of the romper. It’s like a onesie that is totally acceptable to wear out to dinner, to the beach or on a date (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to romp around in pj’s all day?!). But it does take a bit of styling and work to ensure that it doesn’t look like you just threw on a garbage bag (unless that was totally the look you were going for). I like to use belts and layers (like the vest) as well as a variety of accessories to give my romper some dimension.

Apparently I also like to accessorize with items from teeny-bopper stores. Yes, that’s right. My 27-year-old self went shopping in a not-so 27-year-old store….and I bought things! I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed that I could possibly be prancing around in the same thing as a 15-year-old or if I should be proud of the fact that I have such impressive shopping skills I can find something to buy no matter where I am (for some reason, my husband doesn’t find this quite as impressive as I do). And before you go judging me, this bag cost $10 dollars and this vest cost $7. Who’s laughing at who now?!

scarf head wrap bohemian styled romper black romper + jean vest + fringe bag pink fringe bag black romper outfits P.S. I thought we all could use a good laugh….it is Monday after all!

how to wear a romper