Paris- What We Did

Although it may seem like we spent a lot of time not enough time shopping,  champagning it up, and stuffing our faces, we did manage to fit in some “typical” tourists attractions….

Notre Dame- In awe of how gorgeous this was!

One of the many beautiful stain glass windows found within

The Louvre- In awe, again, of all the amazing artwork. Also, notice the hearts in the stone up there? People used to draw a symbol in the stones to keep track of how many they made in order to get paid correctly.

Incredible detail, even on the ceiling

Boat tour on the Seine (pictured above is the backside of Notre Dame as well as some house boats)

Eiffel Tower-No words needed!

Place de la Concorde

And we ended the trip with dinner (which I talked about here) & a show at Lido

Paris- What We Ate

Best steak and frites in Paris (aka eat-this-and-gain-twenty-pounds!)

Taking a break from champagning (is that a word??? if not, I’m making it one!) for a very French, very elegant, very insanely delicious lunch by a Michelin star chef at the beautiful and picturesque Hotel La Briqueterie

In-room picnic- including fresh bread, meats, cheeses and olives from (you’ll never believe this!) a drugstore (side note: this is why I now want to move to Paris, because, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to go pick up some band-aids & leave with fresh bread and macaroons?! They also have a book section (that incudes many Chanel books)….what’s not to love?!)

Laduree macaroons in Paris are a must!

Dinner at Lido

Best hot chocolate (it was ridiculously rich and creamy!) in Paris (and probably the world) at Angelina’s

Happy Hour

With the tour in champagne country, it seemed only appropriate for this week’s ‘Happy Hour’ to revolve around all things champagne.

 Reuse your champagne bottles

Freeze your champagne

Individually sized (which would mean I would drink about 10!)

Champagne Candy

A different type of “champagne” bubble

How to get people to drink 8 glasses of “water” a day

Eat your champagne

What’s your favorite use for champagne?

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Paris to Champagne Country

Castle, countryside and vineyards

I know you were waiting on the edge of your seat to find out where I was on Thursday, because, I mean, it was next to impossible to tell from the pictures. But if you somehow managed to guess Moet & Chandon, well, you are one smart cookie! Please allow me to celebrate your smartness with some champagne!

Dom Perignon statue, the church where he is buried & his grave

At Moet & Chandon 

Beautiful exterior & interior

Dom bottles for days, signs indicate the “formula” in those particular bottles, champagne cellars at Moet, bottles waiting to be turned

My favorite part of the tour- the tasting!

At Mumm’s 

Me & a barrel that I wish was full of champagne and I could take it home with me, a map of the champagne region, various bottle sizes, the perfectly sized bottle :)

Final tasting