DIY Gold Silverware

DIY Gold Silverware It should come as no surprise that if something comes in gold, it’s probably high on my list of things to buy (much to the dismay of my husband). This silverware set was no exception. However, silverware isn’t really high on my splurge list (unless Chanel comes out with a set, of course!). Nonetheless, I just had to have my gold silverware. I mean I had to make my food pictures look pretty, right?! Side note- when you become a food blogger/food photographer the regular plates, mismatched silverware, and paper napkins that never used to bother you, suddenly become the biggest of eyesores. Anyways, when I make up my mind that I just have to have something, well, then, I just have to have it. So I turned to my trusty can of gold spray paint, bought an inexpensive set of silverware, and voila. This DIY gold silverware is by far the easiest and least expensive (less than $10 total) DIY I’ve done in a while. And also the prettiest, but then again, what does’t look prettier with gold spray paint?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

DIY Gold-dipped silverware

Silverware (This cost only $4 at Ikea, but the $11.99 Amazon price isn’t bad either)
Gold Spray Paint
Clear Sealer
Box Cutter (scissors or a knife would also work)
Cardboard Box (or painters tape and ziplock bag)

DIY Gold Silverware 1. Clean and dry your silverware.

how to paint silverware 2. On one flap (or two, depending on the amount of silverware) of the cardboard box, use your box cutter to cut small slits (about 1″ long) for each piece of silverware you have, making sure to leave ample space around each slit.

how to make your own gold silverware 3. Push each piece of silverware down through a slit, stopping where you want the spray paint to stop. Once all your silverware is in a slit, flip the sides of the box in so that all the stems of the silverware are facing up (see below picture).

DIY painted silverware 4. Spray on the first coat of paint, making sure to hold the can about 8-10 inches away and spraying as evenly as possible. Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes, then give the silverware another coat of paint. Repeat the process one more time for a total of three coats of paint. After the the final coat has dried, spray on a coat of gloss, then let dry for an hour.

(As can be seen in the below picture, an alternative to the cardboard box method is to use painter’s tape to mark off your silverware then line it up in a ziplock bag, tape down the bag on either end (as well as in between each piece of silverware), and proceed to spray paint.)

gold silverware how-to 5. Once your silverware is all dry, wash it prior to using. 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS- After receiving several questions about the durability of this silverware, I wanted to ensure you all that, not only do I test things prior to posting, but I have continued using my silverware several times since this has gone live and the gold paint has held up fine. The clear sealant is key to this, as is how the silverware is washed. Here is how I’ve cleaned my silverware: Hand wash only using a mild detergent. Run over the painted portion of the silverware with the soft side of sponge once or twice. On the unpainted portion of the silverware (or the part you eat with) you can be a little less gentle and scrub as your normally would. Proceed to rinse and dry. I do not have a dishwasher so I can’t attest to how it would stand up in one, but I would recommend hand-washing these even if you do have one.

DIY gold silverware Stay tuned to see how I put this DIY gold silverware to use in next week’s Valentine’s Day D&D.

DIY Easter Egg Candles

easter eggs No matter how old I get, there are many things I will never outgrow. Chocolate milk, coloring placemats at restaurants, watching the Little Mermaid and crafting (I am secretly still 5!). While I never turn down the opportunity to dye an Easter egg, I wanted to switch things up a bit this year.

Somehow through all our moves, the eggs that Mr. Runway Chef and I first dyed together have never broken….so of course I decide to break them instead! But only to update them in to candles. It’s a fun way to hold on to something from the past, while looking at it in a whole new candle light!

DIY Easter Egg Candles

candles made from easter eggs

Easter candles

To make the easter egg candles you will need:

  • Dyed eggs (I used some we had saved from the first batch of eggs we ever dyed together)
  • Tea lights (use 2 per egg)
  • Wick (or you can make your own)
  • Tools: a double boiler, a spoon, a glass measuring cup (to help pour), foil (to cover your workspace for easy clean up), paintbrushes/pencils/wooden spoon & tape (to hold the wicks well the wax sets), and a container to set these up in
  • Optional, food coloring (if you would like to color the wax) and essential oils (for scented candles)

easter crafts Begin by gently breaking off the top portion of the egg.

melting wax Next, remove the wicks and metal holders from the tea lights. Set the metal holders aside, and begin melting the wax over your double boiler.

how to make candles While the wax is melting, set up the eggs. Place each one in a metal holder from the tea lights. Line them up in a semi-shallow container and then lay the paintbrushes across the tops of the eggs.

making easter egg candles

Measure your wicks and cut to the appropriate length, making sure to leave enough room to allow you to tape it on to the brush. Secure the wick in place with the tape.

steps to making easter eggs into candles Once the wax has melted, if you choose to dye and scent the wax, now would be the time to do so. Otherwise, working as quickly as possible, pour the wax into the measuring cup and then into the eggs.

easter crafts

Let the eggs harden over night. Remove the tape and brushes, trim the wicks and enjoy!

Easter candles Easter Egg Candles

DIY Business Card Holder Tutorial

DIY Business Card Holder

I dare you to find a cute business card holder. Because you won’t. They are all either hideously ugly, or hideously ugly. And you most certainly won’t find one painted gold and covered in hearts and pink and white twine!

After months of letting my cards sit in random stacks, I stuck them in this old Altoid tin. And after months of letting them sit in the remains of minty freshness, I decided it was time to take this business card holder seriously. So as promised, here is my easy DIY to make your own pretty and unique business card holder for your desk.

DIY-Business-Card-Holder The only essential item you need is an old Altoid tin. From there ou can use a variety of papers, fabrics, felt, ribbon, twine, paint, spray paint, or even pom-poms to decorate and customize your card holder. For my tin, I used gold spray paint, twine, and felt and ribbon secured on with a glue gun.


Paint the outside of your tin.

DIY-Business-Card-Holder Cut a piece of felt the size of the inside of the tin.


Line the tin with the felt. Attach it with a hot glue gun and then use scissors to trim down any excess felt.


Trim the inside with ribbon. You could also use felt here or just leave it plain.


Accessorize with glitter, ribbons, twine, etc to jazz it up and make it personal for you. I used heart ribbon I got a while ago in the dollar section at Target (a similar option found here) and this pink and white twine.


DIY Business Card Holder DIY Business Card Holder DIY Business Card Holder

DIY Gold Polka Dotted Shower Curtain

Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

It has been well documented on here that I love to spray paint and glitter just about anything I can (sleep with one eye open Mr. RC…you could be next!). I really am convinced that glitter and paint truly make everything better. I mean let’s talk about this shower curtain….before it met me and my arsenal of paint, it was just a sad and dreary little piece of plastic. But NOW….it’s bright and cheery and I’m pretty sure if it could talk, it would be definitely thanking me for its fabulous makeover!

Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

DIY Gold Polka Dotted Shower Curtain

  • 1 shower curtain (I used this clear one)
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A large jar (or other circular object to make a pattern)
  • A pen
  • An exacto knife
  • Gold spray paint
  • Sealing spray paint

GoldDIY Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

1. Make your dot pattern by tracing the jar onto the cardboard and then cutting it out with the exacto knife.

Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

2. Next lay out your shower curtain on a hard, clean surface. Make it as smooth as possible.

3. Lay out your circular pattern and if necessary spread old newspaper/magazines around to ensure the paint stays only in the circle.

Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

4. Begin spray painting.

Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain

5. Continue laying out your pattern and spray painting circles until you have covered the entire curtain.

6.  If there is any paint that went astray you can use a q-tip and some nail polish to clean it up. Otherwise, spray with the sealing spray and then let dry for at least an hour. After drying you’ll want to wipe down the shower curtain (around the dots) with a damp cloth to clean up any spray painting mist that may have settled.

DIY Gold Polka Dot Shower Curtain P.S. I apologize for the picture quality…I blame it on our dark and very narrow bathroom!

DIY Decorative Letters

Back in this post I had included a picture of the photo cubes above our bed, atop of which rests some large letters.   I thought the letters would be the perfect finishing touch to our room, especially if they were painted and glittered.  The hubs couldn’t agree more (obviously, what man wouldn’t want a touch of glitter, pink to be exact, in their bedroom??!!). Unfortunately, all the letters I found were poorly made and overpriced, so I set about to make my own. They were super easy to make, albeit a bit time-consuming, and they can decorated however you choose (which was still glitter for me, but as you can see from here I decided to save the Mr. from losing all masculinity & covered his letter with twine).

Materials Needed

1 sheet of thick white poster board

A hot glue gun

Letter stencils (I used these, but this also list some other options)

An exacto knife

Decorations-paint, glitter, twine, etc.

1. Working on a flat, hard surface stencil your letters onto the white board. (The stencils are just a guide so feel free to adjust to your liking…For example, I added an extra inch all the way around the letters I traced so that they would be thicker). You will need a set of 3 white board cut-outs for each letter you want to make.

2. Stack up your cut-outs to make sure they line up and trim or cut as necessary to make sure they match as close to evenly as possible.

3. Using your glue gun, outline one letter in glue. Attach another letter on top and hold for a few seconds. Repeat with the 3rd cut-out. Set aside to dry.

4. Decorate your letters!  I used Modge Podge to hold the glitter in place and for the twine, I just wrapped it around, only securing the ends with spray adhesive.