DIY-Cupcake Bouquet

Everyone loves getting a bouquet, but a bouquet you can eat? That’s a gift I would give myself!

Start by making your cupcakes and frosting and let both cool. I used a recipe for just basic vanilla cupcakes and buttercream (you can try this and this, but remember to only make a 1/4 of a recipe) but feel free to make whatever kind you want. Bake the cupcakes in yellow or green liners (to look like the flower) and dye your buttercream whatever color you want to make it look like the petals. Pipe on the frosting with a star tip. Side note: I used a 6″ pot that held 6 cupcakes.

While your cupcakes are cooling, cut two circles of styrofoam to fit into your pot, one for lower in the pot and one for closer to the top. You can also you use a block of floral foam.

On top of the styrofoam bunch up a sheet of green tissue (to look like the grass/ground).

To assemble the “flowers”, put either 2 large toothpicks or a cake pop stick in the bottom of the cupcake. Gently press it into the foam. Side note: If the green tissue starts to get in the way, you can put the cupcakes in the foam first, then press pieces of the tissue in around the cupcakes.

Wrap the whole flowerpot in colored tissue and tie with a bow.


Adapted from a recipe in The Cupcake



DIY Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract || Runway Chef When I first heard about diy vanilla extract, I assumed it wouldn’t be easy (extracting just sounds hard). Well let me tell you, I assumed wrong. Making your own vanilla is a dream (especially if you’re a vodka lover you have vodka on hand) and will save you from weekly (expensive) vanilla runs (if you love to bake as much as me). All you need are vanilla beans, cheap vodka (like dirt cheap), and bottles (I got mine at the Christmas Tree Shop but they can also be found here). 

I made 3 bottles so I have back-up when one runs out, although these bottles do last a while (mine I started using in January looks almost untouched). FYI these also make great gifts (just ask my mom!). One more FYI, definitely let this sit for the full 2-3 months, otherwise it will just taste like shots of vanilla vodka…which you may be ok with if you’re a vodka lover and all…

easy diy vanilla extract

Vanilla Beans (3 per 8 ounces of vodka)
Bottle with a tightly sealed lid

how to make vanilla extract 1. Place the vanilla beans in your bottle (make sure you split the beans before adding them to the bottle). Fill the bottle with vodka. 

DIY Vanilla Extract 2. Tightly close the lid and place the bottle in a cool, dark location for about 2-3 months.  

DIY Vanilla Extract 3. Shake occasionally.

vanilla extract how-to 4. Whenever you finish a bottle, just refresh with a new bean or two and refill with vodka.

DIY Vanilla Extract || Runway Chef