DIY Olympic Embellished Bobby Pins

DIY Olympic embellished bobby pins I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve always been a huge fan of the winter Olympics, particularly the ice skating. I used to plop myself in front of the tv, face glued to the screen (literally it was so close it might as well have been glued), and visualize my future as the next Kristi Yamaguchi (don’t worry, I had been taking skating lessons so I wasn’t completely delusional). Obviously, that dream faded, but my love of watching skating never did. Thinking of skating and all the glamorous, embellished outfits led me to create these embellished bobby pins. They aren’t nearly as glamorous as the skating outfits themselves, but they are a fun way to sport a bit of Olympic spirit.

how-to embellished bobby pins DIY Olympic Embellished Bobby Pins || Runway Chef Olympic DIY projects

Bobby pins
Small beads in Olympic themed colors 
Glue (I used both a hot glue gun and jewelry adhesive; both worked well but I liked using the jewelry glue best as it created less of a mess)

1. Arrange your beads in the pattern you would like them to appear on the bobby pins. I did one in the colors of the Olympic rings, one in gold beads, one in silver beads, and one in bronze beads

beads 2. Working on the smooth side of the bobby pin and from back to front, spread a thin strip of glue onto the surface.

diy embellished bobby pins 3. Quickly begin attaching your beads, holding each one for a few seconds to secure it in place. Please note- some of the glue may be visible around the beads. You can either use an exact knife to clean it up after everything has set and dried, or, I found once they were in my hair, you the little bit of extra glue no longer showed.

DIY embellished bobby pins 4. Slip the pins onto something like a piece of cardboard or the edge of a square paper plate and allow to dry for several hours, preferably overnight.

Olympic crafts 5. Style your hair as you normally would, but replace a few of your regular bobby pins with these Olympic embellished ones. Just be sure to be gentle with beaded end.

olympic embellished bobby pins olympic craft ideas Want another fun way to celebrate the Olympics? Make a batch of these!

DIY Dainty Earring Chain Cuff

diy chain earring with cuff


Similar to the hand harnesses, I always liked the look of the earring chain with the cuff. But also similar to the hand harness, I never liked the ones being sold in stores. That and the slight problem that I don’t have my upper ear pierced. So what’s a girl to do? Make her own of course! I put together a tutorial for a recent guest post over at To: Hello Beautiful. Make sure to check it out for details on supplies needed, detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions.

DIY Dainty Earring Chain Cuff

DIY- Easy Dainty Chain Hand Harness

DIY- Easy Dainty Chain Hand Harness

I used to be all about piling on the big rings, layering bright baubles, and stacking on the bracelets. But since getting married, I’ve found myself toning it back, unintentionally, to showcase my wedding ring (I mean, what girl doesn’t enjoy showing off her bling bling? Am I right ladies?!). While I occasionally revert to my old jewelry habits (old habits die hard), I usually now wear my brights and layers in my clothes instead. Which is why I knew I needed to make my own hand harness. I loved how they looked, but the ones sold in stores were always too chunky making my hand appear to be decked out in a gypsy halloween costume rather than for a lovely evening out. I found a pretty delicate chain that had just enough pattern to make it interesting without the need to add beads or any other chunky material. The best part? This only cost $3 and about 20 minutes to make.

supplies to make a hand harness

Supplies: Chain (I got mine at Michael’s), a clasp (make sure it matches with your chain, i.e. if you have a dainty chain make sure to get a smaller, dainty clasp), needle nose pliers, scissors or wire cutters. Also note, if the rings on the chain aren’t big enough to cut open and then attach to another ring, you will also need jump rings

First begin by measuring a piece of chain to go around your wrist. You want it to be loose, but not too loose. Cut using the scissors or wire cutters.

diy chain bracelet

Next use attach the clasp, one half to one end of chain and the other half to the other end of the chain. Clasp it together (this will help everything not to get tangled as you continue working).

steps to making dainty chain bracelet

Then measure enough chain to go from your wrist up to your finger and then around your finger like a ring. Cut this as one big piece.

DIY- Easy Dainty Chain Hand Harness

Using the scissors, cut open the last loop on the end of the chain (or pry it open with the pliers or use a jumper ring if need be).

how to make a hand harness

Attach the loop to the middle of the bracelet you made earlier, and then close the loop with your pliers.

Finally, make the ring. Measure the chain to see how big to make the ring opening (I liked mine pretty loose).

how to make a dainty chain hand harness

Open the last loop on the end of the chain and then attach it onto another loop on the chain (wherever you decided was a good size to make the loop.) Close the loop with the pliers.

DIY- Easy Dainty Chain Hand Harness

To break it down in the simplest of terms, you have 2 pieces of chain. One makes the bracelet, while the other is the connector with a loop made on the other end to act as the ring.

how to make a Dainty Chain Hand Harness

Time to show off this beauty!

diy hand jewelry

Casual Glam

IMG_3028 Hat, Bag & Shirt: H&M, Necklace: BCBG Max Azria, Vest: F21, Tutu: DIY (similar), Tights: Target (similar), Heels: Zara


For whatever reason, this outfit makes me think of “glamping”. To be clear, I did not style this outfit for the purpose of “glamping” nor do I intend to go “glamping”.


However, if I were by some small, teeny tiny chance to go, I would obviously be totally appropriate and show up in heels, rockin’ a tutu and with my neck iced in jewels.

IMG_3029 I mean, let’s be honest, is there really any other way to camp??!!

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DIY- Ombre Cut-Offs

Cut-offs are such a classic staple and they’re too easy to make for everyone not to have a pair.

To give my cut-offs a trendy twist I decided to make them out of colored jeans and then give them an ombre effect.


Items Needed

1 pair of loose fitting jeans (I used pink Uniqulo jeans I picked up at Goodwill)

3 c. of bleach

1 c. of water

A large plastic bucket or bin


1. Cut off the bottom part of the jeans. For this step, I like to leave them pretty long to allow for extra cutting and bleaching room, so I cut mine about an inch above the knee.

2. In your bucket mix the bleach and water (if you need more liquid, add more water and bleach according to the proportions above).

3. Very carefully begin immersing the jeans in to the liquid a little at a time. The bleaching happens extremely fast so be prepared to quickly remove the jeans from the liquid. Also, stop the bleach about an inch below where you would want it as the bleach will continue to seep up a little even after you remove it from the solution.

4. Immediately run the bleached part of the jeans under cold water to rinse off the bleach (you may want to wear gloves for this part). Make sure to keep holding the jeans downward and try not to move them around too much so as not to get bleach on the colored part.

5. Hang them to drip dry.

6. Once they are dry, cut and rip them to your desired length and look. Don’t forget to fold them in half to check and make sure both sides are even with each other.

7. Put them through a wash and dry cycle before wearing.