Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving decorations As you probably guessed from this post, I’m not one to skip over holidays, and of course I’m that obnoxious person that feels the need to decorate for But all those holidays can take a toll on your wallet, between food, presents, and decorations. So if I can, I like to reuse, recycle and redo whatever I can. Which is exactly why, when you scroll through these pictures, you will see how I turned a lot of our halloween decorations into our Thanksgiving decorations.

fall leaf garland

I made this simple leaf garland with a piece of twine, fall colored leaves and mini clothespins that I spray painted gold.

how to make a fall leaf garland eat drink give thanks sign I changed the chalkboard sign in the kitchen to one of my favorite phrases- “Eat. Drink. Give thanks!”

Thanksgiving Decorations

Anything rustic, woodsy or gold is perfect for fall or Thanksgiving decorating.

Fall Flowers Flowers are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a space. For Thanksgiving I like to get flowers in red, yellows and oranges and I like adding things like wheat stalks, poppy pods, or cotton to the bouquet to make it look more fall appropriate.

wicker pumpkin This pumpkin is one of my favorite fall decorations. To take it from halloween to thanksgiving, I removed it from the “creepy witch brewing corner” and surrounded it with golden fruits instead.

bowl of acorns

Items from nature are some of my favorites to decorate with. Not only do they look great, they’re also environmentally friendly (no wrappers or plastic to toss out) and they are definitely budget friendly (hello big fat $0 spent!). Some of my favorite nature items include- leaves (seen above), acorns, pinecones, birch bark, twigs, dried flowers, dried leaves, and berries (just be sure you don’t eat them!).

Happy Thanksgiving sign How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

Hope you all have a great weekend, and if you haven’t yet, pretty please with a cherry on top enter my contest (it ends Sunday night) and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Last Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas I’m behind in a lot of things right now. Like getting this post up, or responding to e-mails, and most importantly (because I obviously have my priorities straight) decorating for Halloween (which is less than a week away…what?!?!). If you’re like me (aka a procrastinator), here are a few last minute Halloween decorating ideas to make your home more festive and spooky. These were all easy DIY things or items I pulled from around my house, proving that you don’t need to spend a lot to get into the Halloween spirit.

For the above display, I used leftovers from our wedding- a dish from our candy bar to hold candy corn, a large glass container (also from our candy bar) flipped over on a pumpkin, and the other DIY chalkboard. Above this display I hung a few more paper bats.

Happy Halloween A lot of these items were also left-over from our wedding- the mercury glass, the dried flowers, the gold glittered vase, and the DIY chalkboard. I added a bowl of acorns (from our local park) and found some Halloween cut-outs via Pinterest that I taped to unused chopsticks and stuck into sand that had been tossed with gold glitter (also from our wedding).

Halloween Cut-outs Bats on Light for Halloween Mr. RC freehand cut a lot (and I do mean a lot) of bats out of black construction paper, some of which I stuck onto our living room light shade.

Halloween Bar Decorations I decorated the doors of our bar with a little ghost I made from a Kleenex tied over a small styrofoam ball with twine and then attached two black construction paper “eyes” with tape. In the bottom corner of one of the doors, I placed a cat cut from black construction paper (using the same cut-out templates mentioned above).

Easy DIY Halloween Decorating On top of the bar I created a little “witch brewing” corner.

Halloween Spells and Potions Books I covered a couple of thick books with a paper grocery bag then scribbled “Spells” and “Potions” on the side with chalk.

Halloween Bottles I added in a few bottles we had lying around to complete the look. One is a Trade Joe’s wine bottle, one is an old bottle wrapped in twine, two are mini St. Germain bottles, and then of course the skull vodka bottle. The other mini bottle was actually a gift I received years ago of sand from Hawaii and the glass covering it is normally a hanging piece that holds a candle. The paper roll, which was made to look old and worn with coffee, adds another creepy element to the “witch brewing” display.

Easy Ghost Garland These little ghost were all made like the one above on the bar. I strung these together using white and gold twine and then hung them across the doorway of our living room.

DIY Halloween Bats A few more of the paper bats are creepin’ up our entrance mirror.

How are you decorating your home for Halloween?

5 Tips to Creating A Comfy & Cozy Space

spaces As the temperatures keep dropping here in New York, I keep cursing myself for not living somewhere that a parka, 7 layers and 2 scarves isn’t needed to step foot out my door. Nevertheless, I’ve been doing my best to try to stay warm and cozy… best being me curled up under 3 blankets, drinking too much hot cocoa and attempting to win the lottery so I can quickly jet on out of these frigid temps in to something a little more tropical. But since there’s a greater chance of me turning into an icicle than winning the lottery, I’ve also come up with 5 easy ways to make my home feel more warm and cocoon-like.


1. Candlelight (Dim lighting)- Candlelight not only makes a space feel more intimate and cozy, its glow gives the illusion of sending out heat.


 2. Pillows- Who doesn’t love jumping into a giant pile of pillows??! They bring life, color, design and comfort to any space and I always make sure to have quite a few on my bed and couch for those very reasons.

curtains 3. Curtains- While open spaces are nice in certain circumstances (kitchen, family room, craft room), for other spaces, like a bedroom or sitting room, you want things to be a little more private. Curtains are great for helping to achieve that snuggled up feeling, whether it’s by covering the windows or creating a “hidden” bed.

fur 4. Faux Fur- If this doesn’t scream warm and cuddly to you, then I don’t know what does! It’s like cuddling with a bear (minus the claws, teeth and possible death, of course). I personally have some faux fur pillows on my couch, but I also love the ways it is used in the above pictures (ummm, can we discuss that bean bag and how I need it in my life, like now??!)

Personal touches

5. Knick-Knacks- Although people often associate knick-knacks with clutter (myself included), they are absolutely necessary to make a home feel lived in and consequently warm and cozy. If you think about an office or conference room and how they are usually stark and white, and then you think of your grandmother’s living room filled with treasures and history, well, I don’t know about you, but I sure know which one makes me feel like melted better! You don’t need a lot of items, but photos, treasured family heirlooms, books and vintage finds are what will take a room from being just a space to feeling like an inviting and friendly atmosphere.



{All images via Pinterest}


Turkey Table Dressing

Whether I’m having a party of 1 or 100, I always like to get in the spirit of things by playing holiday tunes, dressing up and decorating. Thanksgiving is no exception (I may or may not have dressed as a pilgrim and/or Indian at previous Thanksgivings). Since the focus of the holiday is what your thankful for food, make sure to pay extra special attention to where everything is centered: your belly the table! Here are some ideas to help you set a festive table with ease and affordability:

1. Be creative (with items you already have). For name cards use cinnamon sticks, small twigs, mini pumpkins or leaves. Leave them as is, or spray paint them gold, and attach a name tag with some twine. We all know how much I love my spray paint & glitter, and this is a perfect example of where these items come in handy.

(Image Via)

2. Be natural. Thanksgiving  reminds me of harvest time which reminds me of the “fruit of the earth”. Incorporate items such as corn, large feathers (possibly like these), pumpkins, squash, cabbage heads (the kind that look like big flowers), cranberries, apples, crab-apples, pears, nuts (still in their shells), acorns, eucalyptus leaves and dried flowers (like Cattail, Lotus Pods and Poppy Pods) into your centerpieces. One example of how to do this would be to scatter either a few cabbage heads or squash/pumpkins in the center of the table. Next take a variety of jars and fill them with the smaller items (like acorns, cranberries or corn kernels), then nestle in a votive. Scatter the jars throughout your larger items.

3. Be simple (which goes with keeping it natural). With so much food, lots of people and tons of dishes, you don’t need to overwhelm your space with decor.

4. Be resourceful. Use mason jars tied with twine as glasses (which could also double as place settings if you want to attach a name tag to the twine)

and recycle old paper bags by cutting them (with some fancy-edged scissors) into placemats (which again could double as a place setting by writing the person’s name in one corner).

Supply crayons and let everyone write what their thankful for on their placemats (or just keep the adults kids entertained!).


5. Be unique. Mixing and matching dish colors and patterns is another way to decorate your table while adding in some variety (just make sure if you do this to keep your centerpiece really simple, like one large squash, or a variety of squash and pumpkins but all spray painted the same color).

To see my Turkey Table inspiration and get even more ideas make sure to check out my “Be Thankful” board on Lockerz.

Coffee Table Reads

 It is rare for me to be completely satisfied with anything, especially when it comes to interior decorating. When I was younger (and had more time), in completely not normal 12 year old fashion, you could frequently find me repainting and rearranging the furniture of my bedroom (much to the dismay of my parents). Since I don’t get to arrange and paint as much as I used to, I often daydream and search Pinterest to feed my decorating addiction. Currently I’m craving some new coffee table material, more specifically the 5 fashionable reads below.

Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style (image)

Impact (image)

  Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks (image)

    Irreverent (image)

 Dior Couture (image)