A Day Trip to the Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore boardwalk

It finally happened. After three years of begging, the Mr. took me to the Jersey Shore. And I am proud to say I did not fist pump…not even once. I asked Mr. RC if I should, but that idea was quickly shot down (my neon orange swimsuit cover-up was Jersey shore enough). The boardwalk was relatively empty and the destruction from Sandy (both there and in the surrounding neighborhoods) was, sadly, still very evident (so many houses missing and only a few boards left in their place). But nonetheless the boardwalk lived up to all it’s neon colored, leopard printed, trashy people watching glory. My only disappointment? Not seeing the Jersey Shore house…I guess I can add that to my list of life regrets right next to not eating chocolate covered ants and never having the opportunity to dress like Miley at the VMA’s…..what a bummer!

Jersey Shore-what to do Most of the rides were still in pieces or piles like this thanks to Sandy.

Jersey Shore amusement rides Mr. RC (a self-proclaimed Jersey Shore expert, or so he says) insisted that there were two things we just had to try- a pizza slice (that was the size of my face) and this Philly cheesesteak. Despite all the other delicious food offered on the boardwalk aka fried food heaven, we managed to somehow escape only eating this cheesesteak, pizza and an ice-cream. I have no idea how I passed up the fried oreos, fried ravioli, fried dough, fried butter or the fried-anything-else your about-to-have-a-heart-attack heart desires, but my swimsuit was ultra grateful.

Jersey Shore food You might be surprised by this one, but my favorite part of the boardwalk wasn’t the neon colored muscle tees that said “I’d flex but I like this shirt too much” (weird, I know). It was actually the signs.

Jersey Shore boardwalk Jersey Shore boardwalk Jersey Shore boardwalk And of course no hot beach day is complete without an ice-cream cone, color coded to match my outfit of course (I mean, doesn’t everyone match their dessert with their outfit?!)

Jersey Shore ice-cream

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore? Have you taken any fun road trips this summer?

Apple Orchard Adventures

The Mr. & I celebrated being married one week (and yes one week is an accomplishment to celebrate, especially in today’s world…just ask Kimmie K!) with a trip to the apple orchard (see the outfit pictures here). These were some of my happy/favorite moments….

Enjoying a picnic with the handsome hubs…

where I pretended to be all normal and civilized…

but then so elegantly demonstrated how to eat grinder! (At which point, I think the Mr. was wondering what kind of crazy lady he had married!)

I then returned to my “normal” self to look at….

the pumpkins….

(found one)…

the corn…

and the ginormous squash.

Favorite moments not pictured (mostly because of how quickly it was devoured): fresh apple cider donuts enjoyed with fresh apple cider.

Brooklyn Flea Market


Life has been anything but calm lately. To get away from the madness we wanted to get out of Manhattan. Being that it was something we waited until the last minute to decide (not typical of us at all right?!), our getting out of town turned into going to Brooklyn…which turned into checking out the Brooklyn Flea Market…which turned into a fabulous all day adventure!

Beautiful & Rustic Mirrors-I want them all!

Gorgeous old bank where it’s held

Fun antiques

Checking out some DVF

How fun are these old printer stamps??

All that shopping can make you hungry but luckily you have to go no farther than down a flight of stairs to get some delicious treats! My favorite was Dough’s beyond-amazing Blood Orange donut (they also have flavors like Chocolate Earl Gray and Hibiscus) but we also had a yummy Cardamom Cream soda from Brooklyn Soda Works and a seriously delicious Porchetta sandwich.

Checking out this flea market is definitely a must if you’re ever in the NYC area.

Wine Times

Sunnies: Sample Sale, Shirt:BCBG, Jeans & Sweater: Old Navy (got them both for $20!), Shoes:Rocket Dog
Last Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather since it’s been so unpredictable lately (you never know when it may downpour, hail, blizzard…or do all three at any given time).

We also happened to stumble upon the Hard Cider festival at Applewood Orchards and Winery…How could we say no??! 

We were able to escape the city (for all you NYC peeps, its only about an hour drive so I definitely recommend checking them out!), enjoy the wonderful fall foliage, and got to try some amazing wine (blackberry, blueberry, an apple ice wine and apple harvest, which tasted like apple pie) along with delicious food pairings (including pulled pork sliders, a curried harvest soup, Dulce de lech cheesecake, cheesy cauliflower casserole and of course a warm apple cider donut.)

I had just bought these jeans and sweater (at great prices!) and the outfit was perfect for our wine tasting outing. It was comfy and casual, yet classy all while keeping me warm. (Yes, I know white probably wasn’t the best option for a wine tasting….however,luck was on my side, as my clumsy self managed to get all the wine into my mouth and none on my shirt…shocking!)

Happy Friday everyone!