I recently got to go on the trip of a lifetime (Santorini & Paris) thanks to my amazing future in-laws!! I have over 1500 pictures from the trip so narrowing down just a few to share in a couple posts would have been a rough challenge (and not have done the trip justice). So I have decided to break it into several posts (similar to Barbados), which you will be seeing over the next couple weeks.

View towards Oia

After almost 20 hours of traveling (via Belgium & Athens) and a 20 minute drive that felt like 20 years (it resembled a roller coaster ride….on the edge of a cliff!) we made it to our first stop, Santorini, sans luggage (it took a little trip of its own for an extra day).Thank God for the heavenly view to distract us from the lack of basic necessities (toothbrush, deodorant, just to name a few) and our clothes we had been wearing for almost 2 days!

Views from our room

We stayed at the gorgeous Kirini Hotel. With stunning views (it was hard to picture this as a place they once used to keep donkeys), out-of-this-world food (I couldn’t stop eating!) and an incredibly attentive and friendly staff, I decided I never wanted to leave (you see how well that worked out for me!).

Welcome Treats- drinks, some lovely Bulgari products, and wine & fresh fruit

Our beautiful & serene room

I mean….is this real life?!

I think I have died & gone to Heaven…

Sunset over Oia