Eat.Play.Sleep || A Guide to Charleston, S.C. || Runway Chef

You knew this post was coming. After all, I’ve been bombarding your Instagram feeds with Charleston snaps for almost a month now, so a Charleston takeover on your blog feed should come as no surprise. And boy am I bombarding you! I’ve got things to do, things to see, things to eat, so many things to eat….

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour || Runway Chef

{One of my favorite city buildings at dusk} I’ve been on a search for balance. Balance between work and play, balance between being a total couch potato and getting stuff done, balance between fries and tator tots, and balance with my yoga poses. Right now the balance of my current pose is namaste on the couch…

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Southern Sliders

Southern Sliders {Quick-Pickled Green Tomatoes, Pimento Cheese & Turkey Patty on a Biscuit} || Runway Chef

Whoever christened Southern food as soul food was one smart biscuit, er, cookie. Nothing speaks to my soul quite like some good ol’ Southern comfort food in the form of buttery biscuits, fried green tomatoes, and fried chicken. Since returning home from Charleston, I can’t quite get the southern out of my own soul, so when I was…

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Charleston Blues

Charleston Blues {White Jacket, Striped Button Down, Dark Blue Denim, Blue Booties} || Runway Chef

Lest the title should confuse you, Charleston did not, in fact, give me the blues. Mondays maybe, but Charleston, definitely not. Yet somehow, on one of our days there, I ended up in an entirely blue outfit. Blue striped blouse, blue jeans, blue booties, blue bag. Thank goodness I had my favorite white jacket to break…

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5-Ingredient Green Bean Salad

5-Ingredient Green Bean Salad || Runway Chef

After a few decadent meals out, one too many birthday treats, and a Charleston-induced food coma, my body is revolting and refusing to eat anything besides veggies….after I eat pasta…..before I eat dessert….at lunchtime only. But hey, all that really matters is that I’m actually eating some veggies, right?! Joking aside, whether it’s been all…

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