Memorial Day // Wear, Eat, Shop

What to Wear for Memorial Day || Runway Chef

From L to R & T to B: Outfit 1, Outfit 2 (skirt option), Outfit 3, Outfit 4, Outfit 5, Outfit 6  Who’s excited for the long-weekend??! I think I can safely speak for all of us by saying everyone is! Besides it being the kick-off weekend for a summer of fun, there’s also plenty of delicious food to be eaten, fun new…

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Citrus Yogurt Delight

Citrus Yogurt Delight || Runway Chef

It’s that time of year. You know, the time when every weekend consists of a BBQ and every hot evening (so basically every night) it’s necessary to cool off with ice cream. Except, there’s one teeny tiny problem. The teeny tiny bikini. Yup, it’s also bathing suit season. I mean, what person ever decided that…

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour || Runway Chef

{Mini hyacinth buds}   Is it just me or does it feel like we skipped spring, then jumped back to fall, and landed in summer? I mean, it seems like just yesterday that I was complaining about the cold (because it actually was really cold here), and today I’m complaining about the heat. And this weekend,…

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That 70’s Girl

That 70's Girl || Runway Chef

I’ll never forget the first time in my life that wide flare denim and high platform shoes came in style. Or, I should probably say, back in style….I was in 8th grade/beginning high school and I just had to have the coolest clothes (because what girl that age doesn’t want that?!). In an effort to…

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3×3 Style: Spring Jackets


If it’s one thing I can’t get enough of in the spring, it’s light jackets. One in particular gets worn on a daily basis. My denim jacket is a straight up closet workhorse. Dressy, casual, city, country, I wear my denim jacket everywhere. When Luci, Grace and I settled on spring jackets for this month’s…

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