No-Bake Energy Bites

3x3 Food Recipe Swap: No-Bake Energy Bites from FashionEdible || Runway Chef Confession: I read tons of food blogs, but…..I rarely make the recipes featured. I know. It’s downright shameful. More often than not I get so wrapped up creating and testing recipes for my own site, that I have a difficult time fitting other dishes into our meal plans. Hashtag blogger probs, y’all. So that’s why I’m particularly excited about this month’s 3×3 post. We decided to pull a little switcheroo, and instead of making new recipes, we made each others recipes. Luci took on one of my recipes, Grace tackled one of Luci’s, and I whipped up one of Grace’s. Not gonna lie, I had a seriously difficult time choosing which recipe to make. Both Luci‘s and Grace‘s sites are abundant with recipes that I’ve pinned to try, so when I had to choose just one, well, we all know how I am when it comes to making decisions. Thankfully Mr. RC had requested some snacks for the week, so I settled on these No Bake Energy Bites. Because I can’t say no to anything with coconut, chocolate, and pumpkin. Yes, I’m that girl who stocks up on cans of pumpkin in the fall to ensure a year-long supply (you never know when a craving might hit). I followed Grace’s recipe almost to the T, except I left out the pumpkin seeds (because I didn’t have any), added some extra sunflower seeds (to make up for not having pumpkin seeds), used chocolate chips for the required chocolate, and added 2 extra tablespoons of honey (because my sweet tooth is out of control, not because more honey was necessary). I’ve already gobbled up about half the batch…in 2 days. Soooooooo, clearly I’m a fan. Grab the recipe for yourself on Grace’s blog and get to snacking stat. And don’t forget to check out Luci‘s take on my maple lime sriracha roasted veggies and Grace‘s rendition of lemon almond biscotti.

3x3 Food: No-Bake Energy Bites from FashionEdible || Runway Chef 3x3 Food: No-Bake Energy Bites from FashionEdible || Runway Chef 3x3 Food: No-Bake Energy Bites from FashionEdible || Runway Chef