Manly Mondays-Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

Men's Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

Camo Pants (Paige Denim)//Camo Shoes (Prada)//Scarf (Moncler)//Skull Crewneck (H&M)//Burgundy Crewneck (Diamond Supply Co.)//Backpack (ASOS)//Cork Shoes (Nike)

Ladies and gents, I have finally convinced Mr. Runway Chef to contribute to the blog on the regular and I could not be more excited! As part of the continued effort to expand and grow my content, I am pleased to say ‘Manly Mondays’ will be happening once a month. Mr. RC will be writing about all sorts of manly things (although not too manly I hope) and he’s kicking it off this month by discussing men’s fashion trends for fall 2013.


Well my fellow readers, it looks like the writing reigns have been passed on to the Mr. for the start of the week, at least for now since the Mrs. is still coming down from the weekend.

That being said I think the Gents (or least those of the ladies who frequent here) need some love and may want know what upcoming trends in fashion the fall of 2013 will bring us. Let’s check it out…

Camo//This is not the same camo that you had purchased from Old Navy a few years back. Designers are looking to incorporate this transcendent print in a multitude of ways with pants being the more traditional route to something a little more outlandish, like the shoes seen below.

Crewneck Sweatshirts//The “Fashion Gods”are finally listening, hopefully, that people want to wear something fashionable and trendy and be COMFORTABLE!!! Enter the crewneck sweatshirt… Pair with a pair of jeans for a more casual look or for those colder nights out on the town pair under a blazer.

Statement Scarves//Though I’m not quite ready to completely get the cold-weather gear out and dusted off, winter weather and temperatures will be here soon enough. Get ahead of the game and get yourself a statement scarf. Bold colors, prints and knits will lead the way and will definitely turn heads when walking outside.

Burgundy//Burgundy seems to be one of the favored colors for the fall and is a nice change of pace from your typical black and white color scales.

Cork//This may be a bit more difficult to pull off but if you got it, flaunt it. Cork accessories or shoes can add a touch of class to a casual outfit…more Veuve please!


So with Fall 2013 rapidly approaching, I have to ask, ladies what trends would you like to see your man wear?

Mr. RC