How about a date?

To all my fellas out there both single and taken here are some date ideas that can either impress or add some spice back into the romance of a relationship. Now don’t worry I’m not going all Valentine’s Day on you guys nor am I one of those relationship doctors or the guy that knows the secret to get any girl he wants (I would like to think I do, but then you would have to pay for this kind of material). So bottom line, take from this what you want and the rest with a grain of salt.

So now that my disclaimers are out of the way let’s get down to business…
Rule #1, keep it simple… Rule #2, keep it simple… AND Rule #3, be creative and unique! Being that I reside in New York City options tend to be endless, but for you guys who live elsewhere here are a few ideas to keep to the rules and will have her saying ‘yes’ (to a second date that is).
I picnic I packed for the beach

Try something out-of-the-box. Maybe instead of taking her to a restaurant try a picnic or cooking yourself (shameless plug inserted…check out RunwayChef for some tasty ideas).  Or going to a museum or art gallery to switch it up. If you are considering a restaurant, no need to go for broke with an expensive restaurant, just pick something that you feel comfortable with but may have a bit of an edge or a unique twist to it. Fusion themed restaurants (i.e. Sushi Samba) are good place to start your search.

Don’t be one of those guys who falls into the routine of dinner and a movie. Though a date like that is good once in a while, you may limit your date to talking topics since you are eating which involves your mouth, and watching a movie which requires you to not.

Play into her interests, if she wants to dance….DANCE, if she wants to talk about Gossip Girl or how ridiculous Kim Kardashian is… LISTEN and ENGAGE in the conversation.
As said, I’m not a professional on this subject but I hope that these ideas come in handy when trying to plan that next special evening with her. Cheers.