NYC Faves

A variety list of some of my favorite spots around the city (which I will add to frequently)….

*Craft store/Paper products store- Paper Presentation

*Thrift store finds- Buffalo Exchange (but only the one on 26th between 6th & 7th)

*Eyebrow Waxing- Boom Boom Brows (cheap, fast & perfect!)

*Burgers- Toss up between Shake Shack and Pop Burger (the fries are super crunchy & they have an amazing aioli sauce!)

*Perfect Pizza- Artichoke Pizza…they don’t have a huge variety but the signature artichoke pizza basically tastes like a giant piece of bread slathered in artichoke dip

*Delicious Doughnuts- Dough…moist, fluffy pillows of deliciousness….blood orange is one of my faves

*Unique Mixed Drinks- Apotheke

*Best Steak- Benjamin’s Steakhouse (Also, if you’re curious on where to get good bacon, because obviously who isn’t curious about bacon, this place definitely has the best, [probably most heart-attacking inducing] thickest, juiciest slab of bacon ever!

*Favorite Rooftop- The Standard

*Favorite Walk- The Highline