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Blog Tour || Runway Chef Happy Sunday! I believe that this is the first ever Sunday post for little ol’ RC. But special posts, call for special occasions! Recently one of my dear blogging friends nominated me for a blog tour. Mary-Katherine (or MK) of Gold-hatted Lover and I actually went to the same small-town college in the middle of Kansas (talk about small world, right?!) and though we’ve never met in person, we email all the time and I just know this sweet girl and I would instantly be real life besties if we lived closer! I’m continuing the blog tour today by answering a few questions she asked me and introducing you to a few of my favorite blogger ladies (I have so many, it was so tough to choose!). 
What are you working on?

Right now I’m working on expanding the Runway Chef brand beyond the blog. I’m also working to create more video content (so let me know if there is anything you’d like to see!) and ultimately I’m always working to create better content and grow my audience. Oh, and I’m excited to finally be working on a much-needed site redesign!

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

For me, fashion and food is a way of life, so when I share a recipe or an outfit, it is not “just a recipe” or “just an outfit.” It is a part of a story, a story of creating a beautiful and stylish life woven together by the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the places we go, and the way we live.

Why do you write/create what you do?

Because nothing, save my husband, brings me greater joy than sharing about the things I love!

How does your writing/creating process work?

Like any creative my mind is constantly racing with a million thoughts and ideas and things to do. I keep a million and one to-do lists at all times and I try to stick to a block schedule with certain days for writing, certain days for creating, and certain days for other projects, but usually all blog/business things consume all of my life (much to the dismay of my poor husband). Obviously, this is a question I’m still trying to answer….

But enough about me….let’s talk about these 3 fabulous ladies!

Pretty Mayhem Pearl from Pretty Mayhem- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Truly, my favorite thing about blogging is the people I’ve met (or in this case “met”) from all over the world. Case in point- Pearl. This girl resides half a world away yet I feel like we would be the best of friends. We both love to travel, we enjoy good food, and you better believe we both love our bubbly!

“Hi there! I’m Pearl, a French girl living in Melbourne with a passion for entertaining, travelling, and all things pretty. My blog ‘Pretty Mayhem’ is my virtual version of the ultimate ‘soirée’ where everyone is invited, people from all over the world are mingling and the champagne is forever flowing. I hope you’ll come and join the party! xx”

Wander Hour Katherine from Wander Hour- Another fun thing about blogging/social media? Sometimes you search hashtags that lead you to Instagram accounts that lead you to blogs that lead you to people like this girl. I only recently found Katherine’s blog but it’s quickly become a favorite thanks to our shared loves of food, fashion and travel. My one complaint- I wish I had found it sooner!

“Aloha! My name is Katherine Lou and I was born and raised in Southern California but Hawaii is currently my home. I am the lifestyle blogger and photographer behind Wander Hour where I document my life in Hawaii through my photographs, my love for food, and fulfilling my wanderlust desires!”

Sparkle and Shoes Kelly from Sparkle and Shoes- So much love for this girl! She was one of the first blogging friends I made here in NYC, and we’ve pretty much been blogging besties since! She is one of the sweetest girls I know and we always have a blast hanging out!

“Hi RC Readers! My name is Kelly and I blog over at Sparkles and Shoes.  Alyssa and I met last fall at a blogger meet-up during Fashion Week and instantly clicked. On my blog you can find my thoughts on the latest fashion trends, stories about my life, features on things I find interesting and lately, as Alyssa has been inspiring me, recipes I have made.” 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know these ladies and their blogs as much as have. Now make sure to go show them some blog love!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {Central Park castle} || Runway Chef {It only took us 4 1/2 years of wandering Central Park to find the castle…}

I apologize in advance if the better part of this post looks like fall threw up all over it. Since I know snow is just on the horizon, I’m trying my best to hang onto every last drop of burnt orange and buttery yellow that I can. In fact, while there are still plenty of signs of fall in Central Park, snow was already on the ground when we ventured upstate last week for a little trip to the Culinary Institute of America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for snow. But I’m learning to savor things in the present so I don’t have to look back at something that I missed in an effort to too quickly move onto the next thing. The changing seasons is as good a place as ever to practice being present. While everyone else is all like “I’ve got my tree up and my stocking hung and cookies baked for santa”, I’m just over here trying to catch the last leaves falling from the trees….

Are you hanging onto fall like I am, or have you already embraced the holiday spirit?

Happy Hour {salted caramel & coconut brioche donut} || Runway Chef {Salted Caramel & Toasted Coconut Brioche Donut from the CIA}

Happy Hour {fall in Central Park} || Runway Chef {Peeking at fall through the castle windows}

Happy Hour {Trader Joe's truffle products} || Runway Chef {You could say we like truffles…}

Happy Hour {Culinary Institute of America} || Runway Chef {I was a huge fan of the cooking themed street names on the CIA campus}

Happy Hour || Runway Chef

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas || Runway Chef #giftideas Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking of holiday gifts? I can’t. Which means I’ll be the girl, hair a mess, clothes disheveled, mascara running, sweatpants half tucked into UGGS, buying her gifts the night before Christmas (I apologize in advance to those receiving my gifts….you may or may not be getting the last questionable item at the end of the clearance rack). To help you not be like me, I decided it was time to start the holiday gift guides. Long before Christmas arrives, there’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and a million and one holiday parties, so it seemed appropriate to kick things off with a few holiday-themed hostess gift ideas. All of the items listed would be cute wrapped up in a festive towel, or nestled into a little basket, and almost every item on the list, save two, are under $25 dollars. Let’s hear it for affordable gifts! Also, stay tuned…by the end of the week I will have themed gift guide boards over on my Pinterest and watch my sidebar for a link to a holiday shop filled with all my favorite gifting things (you know, in case any of you want to buy me a gift…). And further down the road, I’m excited to be sharing a variety of homemade gifts, because homemade is always better than the clearance rack. It’s going to be a good gifting season, kids!

1. An Ornament (so many good ones here, most for under $20; these would be cute for outdoor lovers, $24.00)

2. Hot Cocoa Mix + Winter-themed Marshmallows (snowmensnowflakes, or other festive flavors)

3. Rosemary Tree ($39.95)

4. Balsam Soap ($9.00) + Towels ($8.00-$20.00)

5. Bottle Opener ($38.00) + Mulled Winter Punch ($15.00), or Mulling Spices ($6.99) & A Bottle of Wine, or A Bottle of Glogg (A mulled Swedish drink, $5.99)

6. Holiday Cocktail Book ($6.00) + Festive Straws ($6.00) + Fun Cocktail Stirrers ($12.00)

7. Winter Candle ($32.00); Other wintry scents here ($16.00) or here ($18.00)

8. Pancake Mix ($10.95; gluten-free mix here) + Log Cabin Maple Syrup ($14.00) or Polar Bear Maple Syrup ($14.99)

9. Cookie Cutters ($8.00) + Edible Stars ($6.82) or Glitter ($6.91)

More Hostess Gift Ideas

Happy Hour

Happy Hour { Farm to Table French Phrasebook} || Runway Chef {I’ve taken years of French, but nothing has made it as fun to learn the language as this book has (it even includes some traditional French recipes…what could possibly be better ?!). Now “curie au four” (to bake) some macarons and book a trip to Paris…}

Sometimes there’s just not a whole lot to say…so this week, instead of rambling on and on like I usually do, I’ll just let the pictures and their captions do the talking.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Hour {Maine} || Runway Chef {My happy place- the coastline of Maine}

Happy Hour {lobster roll} || Runway Chef {Can’t beat a $5 lobster roll!}

Happy Hour {Portsmouth Harbor} || Runway Chef {One of my favorite pictures from our weekend visiting friends in Portsmouth}

Happy Hour {fall leaves} || Runway Chef {A walk through the fall leaves}

if you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down

Happy Hour

Happy Hour {horseback riding in upstate NY} || Runway Chef {Checking “Go horseback riding upstate” off of our fall to-do list}

I was so busy talking about vacation and shutting off in last week’s HH post that I completely missed the fact that it was the 100th Happy Hour post. For a series that’s supposed to focus on the little things that make me happy, I sure dropped the ball on that one! But, better late than never, I’m truly thankful that you guys allow me to share these happy things with you every week (and I always love when you share your happy moments with me). Hitting the 100th post right before the holidays seemed like a fitting reminder that, in the middle of a hectic season, it’s especially important not to forget to keep finding those small blessings in the every day that make you happy.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Happy Hour {@Snikiddy Cheese Puffs} || Runway Chef {Current favorite snack- Snikkidy Cheese Puffs….they taste good & they’re good for you!}

Happy Hour {Castles of New York} || Runway Chef {Planning more NY adventures with the help of this book}

Happy Hour {Melissa's Produce fruit monsters} || Runway Chef {Because we were traveling, we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins this year. However, we did make these little fruit monsters thanks to Melissa’s Produce, who sent over a box of fruit goodies.}

Happy Hour {Brotherhood Winery} || Runway Chef {Paying a visit to the oldest winery in the country}

Happy Hour {Grateful quote} || Runway Chef