Clever Travel Packing Tips

Clever Travel Packing Tips || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips I don’t get to travel nearly as much as I’d like to (because in my dream world I’d like to travel every other day), but I still do my fair share of flying, road tripping, and weekending away. When I first started traveling, I would pack a giant suitcase, a mini suitcase, a carry-on, and one bag….just for myself. To say I was “moving in” would be a gross understatement. Over the years, through necessity (aka someone *cough* Mr.RC *cough* forced me) I’ve narrowed down my packing to half of a suitcase and no carry-on. It was no easy feat (Hello! Of course I need 10 pairs of shoes to go to the beach….What if I decide to go running? What if it gets cold? What if a shark eats one of my flip-flops? I mean…..a girl has got to have her options!), but these packing tips have helped me learn to make the best use of my suitcase space, and, ultimately, make traveling a whole lot easier.

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Socks & Shoes) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 1// Store socks inside of sneakers

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Earrings) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 2// Attach earrings to a button to keep the back and earring together

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Hats) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 3// If you’re traveling with hats, fill the hat with smaller items (like tshirts and underwear). Then roll another tshirt and place it into the ridge on top of the hat. Gently pack other soft items around the hats to help them keep their shape.

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Necklaces) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 4// Use a straw to prevent necklaces from tangling

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Liquids) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 5// To keep liquids from spilling, remove the cap from the bottle. Place a small piece of plastic wrap (or a piece from a plastic bag) on top, then tightly screw the lid back on.

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Rings) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 6// Place rings on a large safety pin to keep them from getting lost

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Bracelets) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 7// Clutches pull double-duty by providing bracelet storage

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Clothes so They are Wrinkle-free) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 8// Wrap items that wrinkle easily in tissue paper (can be used or new) to prevent excessive wrinkling while the items are packed in a suitcase. Once you arrive at your destination, immediately hang the clothes on hangers, and be sure to hang them in the bathroom when you take a shower so that the steam can remove any other wrinkles.

Clever Travel Packing Tips (How to pack Alcohol in Your Carry-on) || Runway Chef #travel #traveltips 9// Did you know you can actually bring alcohol on a plane? Yeah, I didn’t either (until recently, thanks to my blog friend Jess and my bestie for both letting me know). While I would prefer a horse tranquilizer prior to flying (Can you tell I hate flying?), a drink (or two) is better than nothing. As with other carry-on liquids, the bottles must be less than 3.4 ounces (most nip bottles are around 1.7 ounces) and they must fit into a quart-size plastic bag. Mr. RC and I each took 4 in our carry-ons on our recent trip to Punta Cana.

I’d love to know, what clever travel packing tips do you have?

Happy Hour

Palm Tree || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Palm tree views}

We got back from the Domincan Republic late Monday night and by Tuesday afternoon I was already buried deep in hundreds of emails, several work events, and piles of luggage. Because we were gone for such a short time I chose to completely go off the grid (I may or may not have had Instagram withdrawals for the first 24 hours). I had forgotten what it was like to eat food as soon as your plate arrives (as opposed to 15 snaps, 7 edits, 2 filters and 1 Insta later). Getting dressed is a heck of a lot easier when you aren’t perfectly arranging every accessory you own to get that perfectly perfect shot. I know nothing says romance like a sunset, the beach, and those three little words (best. instagram. filter), but trust me when I say, sometimes those beach sunsets are better without the 3rd wheel (aka phone). No guy wants to lean in for a kiss, only to hear you say “Babe! What Instagram filter do you think makes this sunset look the best?….Oh. You were trying to kiss me? Ok, lemme just finish up this Instagram real quick. Give me like 6 shots, a few edits in my editing app, 10 minutes to think of a good # (can you help me with that? Like, can you maybe look up some good words that would make funny #’s?), and basically 10 centuries to determine if my picture is good or not, k? Kthanksloveyouyourethebest!” Suffice it to say, shutting off was good for the soul. But it certainly made getting back into the swing of things extra difficult. Good thing me and my gypsy soul are always plotting the next getaway….

Frankie's Spuntino Cookbook || Runway Chef Happy Hour {A new cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants}

Punta Cana || Runway Chef Happy Hour {My happy place- turquoise water and white/pink sand}

fork and knife wall art || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Loved these giant silverware pieces hanging in the kitchen at My Cooking Party}

plaid scarves || Runway Chef Happy Hour {New plaid scarves for cooler weather}

Happy Hour - A Weekly Round-up of Happy Things on Runway Chef {Quote via}


6 Ways to Prep for a Beach Vacation

6 Ways to Prep for a Beach Vacation || Runway Chef #traveltips #healthytips Whenever I find out that I’m going on a tropical getaway, I usually come up with some elaborate plan as to how I’m finally *finally* going to get a 6-pack. I head to my favorite grocery store, find my favorite beer, pick up a 6-pack and head to the check-out lane. Kiiiiidddddddinnngggg! My real plan for a real 6-pack usually involves lots of smoothies, an intense routine of daily hour-long ab workouts, military-style runs around the neighborhood, and basically swearing off food until said trip. If you know me, I’m sure you’re laughing by now because we both know me swearing off food is the biggest joke ever. I mean have you seen my blog??! Two days ago I posted a dip compromised of cheese, beer & bacon. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen up to my eyeballs in cupcakes, chocolate, caramel, cookies, cream, and butter. “Diet” is not exactly a word that is in my vocabulary. Instead, I subscribe to the philosophy “everything in moderation” (and by moderation I clearly mean moderately testing all foods to make sure they are ok!). When it comes to preparing for a beach vacation, I’ve learned to adopt the same philosophy. Starving yourself and stuffing green juices down your throat isn’t going to give you an instant 6-pack, but incorporating a few of the below healthy tips into your vacation prep will help you put your best foot forward once you hit the beach.

Lemon Detox Water 1. Drink detox water // When I’m gearing up for the beach, I usually start making at least half my daily water intake some kind of detox water. At the minimum, you’ll want to make sure you’re having at least one glass of detoxifying water a day. 

2. Avoid foods that cause bloating // Broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, beans, lentils, peas, asparagus, cabbage, sugarless gum, apples, frozen dinners, processed foods, carbonated beverages,  and some dairy products can all cause your stomach to expand. To insure a flat stomach try incorporating some of these items into your diet: lemons (hello lemon detox water), avocados, kale & spinach (both can be added to smoothies), eggs, nut butters, bananas, salmon, and non-fat Greek yogurt (also good for those probiotics).

Orangeberry Smoothie via @runwaychef #breakfast #healthy #fruit 3. Replace a snack with a smoothie // I’m all for snacking but I’ve found that one of the easiest ways for me to cut a few extra calories prior to a trip is to replace a snack with a smoothie. Plus, it’s a great way for me to pack lots of nutrients into one small beverage. Here are some of my favorite smoothie combinations. I also love this orangeberry smoothie.

6 Ways to Prep for a Beach Vacation || Runway Chef #traveltips #healthytips 4. Incorporate dietary supplements // Part of my daily vitamin routine is to take a probiotic and digestive enzyme with every meal. To see effective results this is something that you need to incorporate into your daily routine well before your vacation. However, there are some other effective ways to get probiotics in your system in only a couple weeks time. My favorite way is with yogurt, but I also really like drinking probiotic beverages. We discovered GoodBelly juice by accident, but now we love drinking it. We even add it to seltzer water for a “soda”. My favorite flavor is the Pomegranate Blackberry.

5. Cut portions in half // This is a habit I try to do on the daily, but it’s one I especially make sure to stick to leading up to a trip. It’s hard to completely resist the urge to have a cupcake or a slice of pizza, so cutting the serving in half ensures I won’t feel guilty now and I won’t binge later.

DIY Pumpkin Scrub 6. Use a body scrub // I always make sure to use a good body scrub prior to leaving on a beach vacation. My favorite is this homemade pumpkin scrub (perfect for this time of year) because the coffee helps with cellulite, the pumpkin is full of enzymes, and the coconut oil is moisturizing.

How do you prepare for a beach vacation?

Happy Hour

Beacon Falls, NY || || Happy Hour @runwaychef #NYstate #travel {Beacon Falls in Upstate NY}

I have to tell you guys the funniest story. Well, at least I think it’s funny, but maybe I’m just crazy. Last Friday, I’m sitting at my desk, dealing with a ridiculous wine pizza hangover (#strugglecity) from NYCWFF. I’m typing out an email, when I start hearing a clicking noise, a click that is definitely not coming from my keyboard. Thinking I’m imagining things based on a lack of sleep, I continue typing. The noise gets louder, so I turn to check it out, and as I do, a furry little face peeks up at me from the foot of my desk. Keep in mind, we have no pets. Within the span of 0.5 seconds I realize it’s a squirrel, scream like someone just got murdered in front of me, frantically start dialing my husband, and jump on the couch. What can I say? It was a productive half second. After I calm down/remember how to breath/don’t pass out, I inspect our screen door to find that the squirrel had some how weaseled his way underneath the screen. He had run back out of the apartment when I screamed, but needless to say I’ve now been extra careful when I leave the door open as the neighborhood squirrel is not exactly my ideal assistant. In addition to wild animal intruders, this week has been a bit of a busy one, so I’m looking forward to heading to the Caribbean this weekend for one of my best friend’s weddings.

Do you guys have any fun plans coming up? And I have to ask, any funny encounters with wild animals in your home? Please tell me I am not the only one!

Morning Glory Flowers || Happy Hour @runwaychef #flowers {Even though it’s starting to get cold, there are still a few flowers in bloom}

City of Beacon, NY || Happy Hour @runwaychef #NYstate #travel {Exploring Beacon, NY after a hike…we got a waffle sandwich from YogoWaffle and a Bleu Boar grilled cheese from Beacon Bread Company, both of which were really good}

abandoned house, upstate NY || Happy Hour @runwaychef #travel #explore #upstateNY {Ever since Mr. RC and I discovered this Instagram account, we’ve become obsessed with abandoned things, usually simultaneously shouting “It’s abandoned!” when we see something that looks abandoned (obviously). You know we said that about this house, which you know means we had to take a picture of it.}

Halloween Candy Bar || Happy Hour @runwaychef {The festive Halloween candy bar at the JCPenney lounge at NYCWFF}

when everything feels like a struggle, just think of the view from the top

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her @runwaychef #anniversary #giftideas Last week I shared 2nd anniversary gifts for men, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s really the men who need help finding gifts for the women ;) So men, if you’re getting ready to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary her are a few gift ideas to get your lady based on the traditional theme of ‘cotton’. And ladies, feel free to share/tweet/email/Facebook/send-by-carrier-pigeon this post to your husband…a couple subtle (or not so subtle) hints never hurt nobody!

1. A Bouquet of Cotton Stems in a pretty vase

2. Cotton Scented Candle 

3. His Hers Pillows (a joint gift that will make a woman far happier than the man)

4. Cotton Candy (yes this was on the list for men, but let’s be honest, EVERYONE likes cotton candy + you could always give it in the “gift bag” of a designer handbag, just saying’….)

5. Sheets (another good idea for a “joint” gift)

6. Bathrobe (You can even get it personalized with initials; also, think about pairing it with soft slippers and a nice eye mask or even a spa day) 

You can see ideas for 1st anniversary gifts for women here.