2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her @runwaychef #anniversary #giftideas Last week I shared 2nd anniversary gifts for men, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s really the men who need help finding gifts for the women ;) So men, if you’re getting ready to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary her are a few gift ideas to get your lady based on the traditional theme of ‘cotton’. And ladies, feel free to share/tweet/email/Facebook/send-by-carrier-pigeon this post to your husband…a couple subtle (or not so subtle) hints never hurt nobody!

1. A Bouquet of Cotton Stems in a pretty vase

2. Cotton Scented Candle 

3. His Hers Pillows (a joint gift that will make a woman far happier than the man)

4. Cotton Candy (yes this was on the list for men, but let’s be honest, EVERYONE likes cotton candy + you could always give it in the “gift bag” of a designer handbag, just saying’….)

5. Sheets (another good idea for a “joint” gift)

6. Bathrobe (You can even get it personalized with initials; also, think about pairing it with soft slippers and a nice eye mask or even a spa day) 

You can see ideas for 1st anniversary gifts for women here.

Happy Hour

Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {A day at the farm}

If you don’t like farms or farming or farm animals then a) what is wrong with you (baby farm animals are basically the cutest thing since forever)?! and b) you probably won’t want to read today’s post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Unless you’ve been hiding out on Pluto, I’m sure you saw that the Mr. and I celebrated our anniversary on Monday. Anything to do with my guy has me full of smiles, but getting to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together made me seriously happy, hence why the focus of this week’s happy hour is tidbits from our weekend. We kept things pretty local and low key, but we did go on a few day trips. One of our day trips happened to be to the Queens County Farm. Who knew you could see cows and city buildings in the same view?! The farm was full of animals, families with kids….and us, the couple celebrating their anniversary. I think we were more entertained by the chickens than all the kids were and Mr. RC couldn’t stop taking pictures (of the chickens, not the kids). So just to summarize, we spent our anniversary with a bunch of farm animals and kids, acting like we were 5. It’s totally cool. And hey, when you love someone, everything you do together is special and fun, right?!

P.S. Now we want to buy a farm, but until then….how do you think chickens would go over in our Brooklyn backyard?! No???! No??!

cotton plant at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Found a cotton plant on the farm, which was fitting since 2nd anniversary gifts are traditionally supposed to be cotton}

chickens at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Some of our favorite farm animals}

sheep at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour Buvette Bike || Runway Chef Happy Hour {The Buvette bike and a basket full of corks}

Happy Hour - A Weekly Round-up of Happy Things on Runway Chef {Obligatory anniversary picture}

Oscar Wilde love quote {Picture from our engagement session by Ian Holmes}


2 Years

Happy Anniversary! || Runway Chef Happy Anniversary Mr. RC! You make every day better just by being in it and without you I would be completely lost. You are the butter to my bread, the sprinkles to my funfetti cake, the logo to my Chanel bag, the runway to my chef, the breath to my life….

Happy Anniversary! || Runway Chef

Photos by Lesley of Kensington Blue; See all the details of our wedding here or in our SMP feature

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him @runwaychef #anniversary #giftideas As I mentioned before, the Mr. and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on Monday. Last year I shared 1st anniversary gift ideas and the post went over so well that I figured I’d make it a yearly ritual. Traditionally, 2nd anniversary gifts are cotton…..so I bought my husband a cotton farm. From now on he’ll be supplying the cotton to make my custom clothes, which means my shopping bill we go down and let’s be real, that’s like me giving him a whole other gift. Obviously kidding, because you better believe if I have the money to buy a cotton farm, I also have the money to skip the whole farm thing and just buy the clothes (and bags and a trip around the world and maybe a boat…..too much for a 2nd anniversary?! I think not…). Cotton jokes aside, I’m a bit old-fashioned and a sucker for tradition, but I do like to add an updated spin on things so here are my picks for 2nd anniversary gift ideas for men-

1. Sneakers (Nike offers customization options…you could get initials or your wedding date added to the back of the sneakers)

2. Cotton candy (Fluffpop offers Gourmet flavors such as Lychee, Caramel & Pumpkin Spice and they offer a special anniversary option)

3. Cotton Cologne

4. Personalized Toiletry Bag (also like this one)

5. A jersey from his favorite sports team 

6. A tie and pocket square set (you could also get them initialized or custom-made)

Happy Hour

Delicata Squash {A rare conjoined delicata squash, used for yesterday’s fall salad recipe}

These past few days have been highly uneventful…and by uneventful I mean we hung out with some “ghosts“, a tv show decided it was a good idea to start filming outside our apartment at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning, and apparently I can now add “Published Author” to my resume. See what I mean….totally uneventful. We’re celebrating our 2 year anniversary this coming weekend and I’m really hoping it can be more eventful than these last few days because, I mean, c’mon, hanging with ghosts and getting recipes published is so lame-o!

pencil sharpeners {The cutest pencil sharpeners}

NYC Haunted Buildings {One of the “haunted” buildings (now NYU classrooms) on our NYC ghost tour Friday night}

GIR Spatulas {A bevy of new cooking tools c/o GIR that make me one happy cook}

Taste of Home Holiday & Celebrations {While I thought it would be much longer til I was a published author, I was totally surprised to receive a copy of this book, featuring one of my recipes (on one full page, nonetheless), over the weekend}

fall asleep with a purpose, wake up with a dream {Found via Pinterest, source unknown}