Cinco de Drinko

Cinco de Drinko {Sorbet-rita} || Runway Chef Did someone say “Cinco de Mayo”? Because I’m pretty sure I heard “Cinco de Drinko all-the-margaritas-that-you-can”. Man, do I love a good themed holiday. And when said holiday centers around one of my favorite beverages, even better! In anticipation of the upcoming festivities, here are a few of my favorite ways to fiesta!

Sorbet-rita (pictured above)// Sorbet meets margaritas in these fun cocktails

Cinco de Drinko {An Italian in Mexico Cocktail} || Runway Chef An Italian in Mexico// A sweet & spicy cocktail bursting with citrus flavor

Cinco de Drinko {Lime Currant Margaritas} || Runway Chef Lime Currant Margaritas// A tart twist on a classic margarita

Cinco de Drinko {Breakfast Nachos} || Runway Chef Breakfast Nachos // To start your day off strong

Cinco de Drinko {Guacamole Bar} || Runway Chef Guacamole Bar // To keep you going all day long

I’d love to know, what is your favorite margarita flavor to celebrate with?