Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather || Runway Chef “Use the sleeves of my sweater, let’s have an adventure, head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered”…

It’s most definitely sweater weather around here. 9 degrees? I’ll take 17 sweater layers please! Unfortunately photographing 17 sweaters is a bit of a challenge (for starters, I can’t move…), so you’re getting the modified sweater and button-down layers. It keeps me warm just long enough for me to yell at the Mr. to “take pictures faster” before I’m solidly frozen in place (which explains the 27 identical pictures we ended up with). While it is certainly fun to take the sweaters out for an adventure, my kind of sweater weather is actually the one where I’m curled up in an oversized sweater and a fluffy blanket, plopped right next to a fireplace, with a mug of hot chocolate the size of my face in my hand. Yup, that’s where me and my sweater will be (at least in my dreams) until spring….

Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Sweater Weather || Runway Chef Old Navy Beanie, Sweater, Button-down // Vigoss Jeans c/o // Just Fab Booties // Lands’ End Coat

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January Beauty Favorites

January 2015 Beauty Favorites || Runway Chef And we’ve officially made it to the weekend, and a long-weekend at that! While I wish I could be jetting off somewhere warm and exciting, or even hitting the ski slopes, I will, a las, be working. Mr. RC and I are getting down to the final stages of relaunch, which means it is crunch time for us. Hopefully, we’ll still manage to do a fun thing or two around the city. Please tell me you have more exciting plans than I do!

Before we get into the weekend festivities, though, let’s talk about my three favorite beauty products from the month. Two have to do with skin care (because winter has been a real B to deal with) and one is just for fun. Let me know if you’ve used any of these items before and what products you’re loving as of late.

Enjoy your three-day weekend! xx

January 2015 Beauty Favorites {Aztec Green Clay Mask} || Runway Chef Aztec Secret Indian Healing Green Clay // I’ve been using this simple clay mask for quite a few months now. As you can see, a little goes a long way (it barely looks like I’ve touched the container!). Even though this mask is super basic and super affordable, it’s one of the better ones that I’ve ever used. Your face gets super tight and all kinds of tingly and I feel like I can actually feel the dirt being sucked right out of my pours. The only things to keep in mind when using this- it’s very strong so don’t use it too regularly (I use it every other week), and don’t use it right before you have to go somewhere. It will make your face somewhat red and splotchy and it usually takes my skin about an hour to calm back down. Is it worth it? Ab-suh-freaking-lute-ly!

January 2015 Beauty Favorites {Acure Argan Oil} || Runway Chef Acure Argan Oil // This winter has been particularly dry and harsh on my skin, so my face has been soaking up any moisture I give it. Unfortunately nothing seemed to be moisturizing quite enough until I tried this oil. My face has improved immensely in the month or so that I’ve been using it. Also, after I rub it into my face, I rub whatever is left on my hands into the ends of my hair and it’s made a huge improvement on my hair being soft, shiny, and fly-a-way free.

January 2015 Beauty Favorites {Smashbox Lip Lacquer} || Runway Chef Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Lacquer in “Bordeaux” // I’m obsessed with this stuff! Like wear-it-every-single-day (and in all my recent outfit posts) obsessed. It was sent to me as a gift, and, if I’m being completely honest, when I first saw it, I thought the color was going to be incredibly dark….so I came this close to shoving deep into the dark crevice’s of my makeup drawer, never to see the light of day again. Luckily, before it got buried away, it happened to be the only lip product I could find to grab while I was dashing out the door, so I gave it a try and I’ve been in love ever since. The color actually goes on much lighter, almost translucent, in what ends up being a natural-looking shade of rose. While the shine may not last forever, the color certainly does. After eating dinner and drinking wine all night my lips will still be rose-stained.

Hidden Places

casual-winter-outfit “I’ve got dreams in hidden places and extra miles for when I’m feeling blue”….

One of the things that keeps my love for New York going strong is that we never run out of places to explore, and by places I don’t mean Bryant Park or the Statue of Liberty. The places I’m referring to are those off the beaten path (which is easier said than done in a city of so many). As much as I love New York, it can be an exhausting place to live. Discovering these hidden gems does so much to revive me. They fill me with excitement, hope, passion, life, and dreams, and they refresh my soul. When we set out to shoot these photos, it was the last thing that I wanted to do. It was cold, grey, and ugly out (totally not what you’d expect for a Northeast winter, right?! Ha!). We were both over our typical shooting locations so we set out to find something new, but we kept having the worst luck. People lurking around, lack of parking, a bus driver yelling at us that we were in “bus only” lot when there was no sign indicating so….I was more than ready to give up. And then we saw it. It was just a glimmer at first, a sliver of land jutting out into the water, but it was a sliver of land that looked like a gorgeous park. It was hidden behind rows of industrial buildings with no clear indication on how to get there, or really what it even was. After making several wrong attempts to reach this hidden locale, we finally arrived. Mr. RC and I excitedly walked what we found out was a brand new park, exploring the fresh landscape and city vantage point, all while discussing life things. Feelings of gratefulness washed over us not only for discovering this magical new place, or for the city we call home, or for a to-do list item turned into an exhilarating afternoon outing, but for realizing that the journey to this park, was similar to the journey of life. It was difficult to get to and going there wasn’t what we had planned, but the obstacles were worth climbing over and the result was far better than anything we could have designed.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading!

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It’s a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest)

It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef Do you remember way back in the deezy when everyone went on an Old Navy polar fleece vest bender? I’m talking polar vests all day, every day. In my attempts to be a “cool” kid, I jumped on the polar bandwagon and somehow convinced my Mom to let me use my hard-earned babysitting money to buy the vests in several colors (but not all the colors, which I’m pretty sure resulted in me telling her that “my life is like so totally over!”). My favorite was the burgundy colored one, which I wore like it was my freakin’ job. Eventually, the trend faded, taking with it what had become my second skin. At that point I was convinced I had had more than enough vests for one lifetime and vowed never to wrestle my arms into another one again. But Old Navy manages to get me every time (and no they are not paying me to write this, I just really love their clothes). Mr. RC was the one who actually spotted the vest. He’s been on a bit of rugged, outdoorsy kick, and in his mind, the puffer vest fit both categories perfectly. I reluctantly took it home, begrudgingly tried it on, surpisingly liked it, but decided not enough to keep it, took it to the store to return it…..and somehow ended up back home, vest still in hand. I’ve since worn it several times, each time mentally thinking my husband was right about this vest all along (but don’t tell him I said that!). My love for vests has since been rekindled and I’ve come to accept that apparently, Old Navy vests and I are just meant to be…

It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef It's a Love Story, Just Say Yes (to the Puffer Vest) {puffer vest, cable knit sweater & distressed denim} || Runway Chef Old Navy Vest (plus sizes online, regular sizes still available in stores), Sweater, Bag & Denim // American Apparel Turtleneck // Target Booties (similar)

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5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips || Runway Chef One of my favorite things about the holidays is how everything gets elevated to the next level, making even the most ordinary things feel special. One area that is especially fun to glam up is holiday beauty. Whether it’s for a Christmas party, the annual family photo, or a quick change from work to a festive get-together, here are a few effortless ways to elevate your holiday glow. Bonus: I’ve included a few links to beauty-themed gifts at the end of the post.

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Glam Hair} || Runway Chef 5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Glam Hair} || Runway Chef Glam up your hair // If you don’t have time to throw you hair into a fancy up-do, simply add a bit of glam to your hair using a jeweled hair pin (lots of good options here), or, if you don’t have a hair pin, use a fancy vintage pin. Carefully secure it with a bobby pin and you’re good to go. 

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Glitter Nails} || Runway Chef 5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Glitter Nails} || Runway Chef Boost your mani // Add on a coat of glitter nail polish. Not only will it quickly make you look party ready, but the glitter will also help distract from any small chips in your base coat color. If you’re really short on time, just give one or two nails a coat for an accent nail.

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Red Lips} || Runway Chef 5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips {Red Lips} || Runway Chef Power up your pout // If you don’t have time to do a complete face of makeup, make sure you pump up your pout. Red is a no-fail classic this time of year (see tips on how to find the perfect shade of red), but to make sure the color stays you’ll want to triple up on your products. First, line your lips with a nude pencil. Next, apply a thin coat of chapstick or vaseline. Follow that with a couple of applications of your favorite red lipstick (I’m loving this one right now), and finish the look with a red lipgloss.

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips || Runway Chef Add a little holiday shimmer // Another way to quickly take your face from everyday makeup to party-ready makeup is to add on highlighter. Dab it on your cheekbones, in the corners of your eyes, under your nose, and under your lips. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll look shiny instead of sparkly.

5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips || Runway Chef 5 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips || Runway Chef Putting on the spritz // No holiday outfit is complete without a spritz or two of your favorite fragrance. Or, use the holidays as a time to be bold and try a new scent. Current one that I’m loving: Elizabeth Arden Untold (which, by the way, also makes a great gift!).

Bonus tip: While you’re wrapping presents, make sure you save any scraps of tissue paper. They work perfectly as blotting paper.

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