Just some questions I get asked all the time….that I may or may not have the answer to :)

What kind of camera do you use? A Canon Rebel EOS Rebel T3

Who takes the pictures? The outfit pictures are lovingly (and sometimes forcefully!) taken by my budding photographer husband. While he sometimes helps with other photos, for the most part the food, travel, home, DIY, etc pictures are taken by yours truly :)

How do you not gain weight eating all that food? Well, there’s this fun little tool called Photoshop…just kidding!!! The Mr. and I actually regularly workout and stick to a healthy diet (for the most part) of clean, fresh, organic foods and avoid processed and refined foods. We love our burgers and ice-cream but we also love our smoothies and kale chips and we’ve learned balance and eating frequent, small portions are the keys to being a healthy foodie.

Though you may see several recipes posted in a week, that doesn’t actually mean I made and ate all that food in the same week (I sometimes don’t post recipes until a couple weeks after I’ve made them). Also, I usually only make a 1/4 of a recipe and if I do make more, our friends, family, and co-workers tend to benefit :)

I made one of your recipes, but it didn’t come out how you said it would…what happened? Unfortunately I’m not in your kitchen cooking with you, so I can’t tell you exactly, but there are a few things that can effect a recipe. Type of oven, type of cookware, temperature and altitude of where you live. Some other things that can effect a recipe are cooking on a gas stove compared to an electric stove, over-mixing things, under or over cooking, or even using whole wheat flour in place of white flour (or vice versa). For example, I learned the hard way that my new oven now cooks things about 5 minutes faster, so I’ve had to remember to adjust the time for each thing I make.

What’s your favorite kitchen tool? My Kitchen-Aid stand alone mixer

What’s your favorite food? I have so many….ice-cream, pasta, turkey burgers, fresh tacos, kale chips, chocolate, fresh fruit, sushi, s’mores, salt and vinegar potato chips….this list could go on for days!

What did you go to school for? I have a Marketing degree from Benedictine College.

Do you have any professional training in cooking, fashion, or decorating? No….they’re all things I’ve been interested in and doing for as long as I can remember. I have either been self-taught, picked up things from friends, or learned from my family.

What are your favorite stores to shop in for clothes? H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Gap, J.Crew, Buffalo Exchange, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Brooklyn Flea Market, Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s

What are you favorite stores to shop in for cooking? Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Sur La Table, Williams & Sonoma, TJ Maxx, Marshalls

What are your favorite stores to shop in for home goods? Hands down, Ikea! Also, Goodwill, Brooklyn Flea, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Crate & Barrell