Engagement Party Playlist

This past weekend we flew back to Indy as our parents were hosting an engagement party for us. They did a wonderful job with the event, as was probably apparent in how I ate and drank waaaaay too much.

While we were not responsible for the decor or food, the one thing Dave and I were in charge of was coming up with a play list. The selection of songs we came up with could be used not only for an engagement party but also a wine tasting, a cozy gathering with friends, background noise for a romantic meal at home, or just to put you in a relaxed mood.Here our some of the songs that made the list-

1.I don’t wanna miss a thing-Aerosmith

2. I Do-Colbie Caillat

3. Better Together-Jack Johnson

4. You’re Beautiful-James Blunt

5. Amazed-Lonestar

6. What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong

7. To the Moon and Back-Savage Garden

8. Amazing-Seal

9. This Kiss-Faith Hill

10. Accidentally in Love-The Counting Crows

You can also never go wrong with any Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra song :)