DIY- Ombre Cut-Offs

Cut-offs are such a classic staple and they’re too easy to make for everyone not to have a pair.

To give my cut-offs a trendy twist I decided to make them out of colored jeans and then give them an ombre effect.


Items Needed

1 pair of loose fitting jeans (I used pink Uniqulo jeans I picked up at Goodwill)

3 c. of bleach

1 c. of water

A large plastic bucket or bin


1. Cut off the bottom part of the jeans. For this step, I like to leave them pretty long to allow for extra cutting and bleaching room, so I cut mine about an inch above the knee.

2. In your bucket mix the bleach and water (if you need more liquid, add more water and bleach according to the proportions above).

3. Very carefully begin immersing the jeans in to the liquid a little at a time. The bleaching happens extremely fast so be prepared to quickly remove the jeans from the liquid. Also, stop the bleach about an inch below where you would want it as the bleach will continue to seep up a little even after you remove it from the solution.

4. Immediately run the bleached part of the jeans under cold water to rinse off the bleach (you may want to wear gloves for this part). Make sure to keep holding the jeans downward and try not to move them around too much so as not to get bleach on the colored part.

5. Hang them to drip dry.

6. Once they are dry, cut and rip them to your desired length and look. Don’t forget to fold them in half to check and make sure both sides are even with each other.

7. Put them through a wash and dry cycle before wearing.