White Vision

Necessary Clothing White Maxi Dress This isn’t the first time I’ve worn an all-white (or mostly white) ensemble (see here and here) and I know it won’t be the last. See, when I am completely lost in the depths of despair (otherwise known as my closet) I find that the only road out of that abysmally black whole is a one-lane road named “monochrome”.  In the winter, it’s typically monochrome black and in the summer it’s monochrome white. Wearing an all-white ensemble makes me feel light and fresh and about 10 degrees cooler (perfect for our humid NY summers and the crazy, frizzy head of hair that it gives me). It also makes me feel like I should be at a garden party or on a boat, which luckily I was, as I wore it to Mr. RC’s birthday dinner. The only thing it doesn’t make me feel? Like I should be eating a pizza….or a burger…or drinking red wine…or basically anything with color in it. Because let’s be honest, we all know I will never be the girl who can wear white and not spill on it…

Necessary Clothing white dress white dress + white sandals White maxi summertime white maxi Necessary Clothing Dress (in stores, this one is similar though) // Thrifted Clutch (similar) // Report Signature Shoes // Old Navy Earrings (sold in stores) // Bracelet from Barbados

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Denim Does It

loose top, jean shorts, Converse sneakers When it comes to jean cut-offs, I’m more of an easy-does-it-on-the-holes-and-rips kind of girl. But these shorts have me saying “denim does it”, and by ‘it’ I mean as many rips and holes as these babies can possibly hold. I’ve had these denim cut-offs for close to 8 years now, and before that I had them as jeans for 5-6 years. They are several sizes too big, they have more holes than a piece of swiss cheese, and I’ve tried to make myself get rid of them at least a dozen times. And yet here they are. Despite the many other pairs of denim shorts that have come and gone in my closet, these have remained faithfully comfortable, soft, and perfectly worn in, and I have yet to find a pair of shorts that compare. So in my closet they shall stay…

Mexican Style Shirt denim cut-offs outfit Southwestern Style casual summer outfit Old Navy white bucket bag jean short cut-offs simple summer outfit H&M Hat (similar) // Alternative Apparel Shirt thrifted via Crossroads Trading// DIY Jean Cut-Off’s from Buckle Jeans (similar) // Converse Shoes // Old Navy Bag

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We All Scream for Ice Cream

jean skirt outfit When I think about an all-american summer, I think jean shorts (or skirts), striped shirts, baseball hats, aviators….and ice cream. Always ice cream. I could literally eat ice cream every day (and I think some weeks I do), so I’m right on track for the perfect bikini body of 50 pounds heavier by September. Go me. Luckily, I don’t live somewhere that requires beach attire all year round….So anyways, ice cream. Mr. RC and I are constantly jumping at the chance to try new flavors, so when Carvel released their Nutella collection it was a no-brainer that we needed to have an ice cream date to try it out. I mean, nutella + ice cream…can you think of anything possibly being better?! They have a soft serve version and a couple of Nutella sundaes, but we both decided to try the hand-scooped ice cream because it also had the Carvel Chocolate Crunchies mixed in (more chocolate is always better in my book!). Then, with ice cream in hand, we wandered around the South Street Sea Port (ice cream + city wandering has to be one of my favorite dates for me and Mr. RC).

Since I’m sure at this point I’ve got you all screaming for ice cream (I mean, after all, who tortures people with ice cream talk first thing on a Monday morning?!), I have some exciting news for you! This coming Sunday, July 20th, is National Ice Cream Day (which you know I’ll be celebrating). If you’re a Carvel Fudgie Fanatic member, you will receive a coupon that’s good for a junior soft serve cup or cone for only 80₵ (you must sign up by end of day today, the 14th, to receive the coupon in time). If you’re not a member, sign up before the 20th to be entered to win a years worth of free ice cream. Also, watch my Instagram and Facebook page today for an announcement that you won’t want to miss (hint: it may involve free ice cream). Now, who’s off to eat some ice cream?!

Old Navy Striped Shirt Carvel Nutella Ice Cream flavor jean skirt how-to-wear-a-jean-skirt striped-shirt-and-jean-skirt Carvel Nutella Ice Cream J.Crew jean skirt summertime stripes striped shirt baseball hat and jean skirt all-american outfit Carvel Ice Cream French Connection Hat c/o // Old Navy Shirt (in store for $0.97…yes, really) & Bag // J.Crew Jean Skirt via a thrift store (similar here) // Report Signature Shoes // Revlon Lipstick in “Ravish Me Red” // Chantecaille Gloss in “Magic”

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Carvel provided me with gift cards to try their products, but all opinions are my own.

Summertime Leather

leather shorts While walking in the park last week on one of the hottest days we’ve had yet, I couldn’t help noticing a girl decked out in a flannel shirt and leather pants. Ummm, hi, it’s summer, not fall! Obviously, she looked like she was suffering something fierce, but all that I could do was chuckle to myself. I mean who wears leather AND flannel in the middle of a 90 degree day?! And then it hit me….I had worn leather shorts and a sweater just a few days prior. Granted, it was a cooler day, it was in the evening, the sweater was made of light material (and clearly made to be a summer sweater), and the shorts, well let’s just say, these shorts could definitely convince me it’s ok to wear leather on a 120 degree day. I mean, who can resist buttery, soft leather at 50% (now 60%) off? Not this girl, and I’m hoping for the sake her fashionable well-being, not the girl in the park either.

P.S. Today the taste-tester, photographer, behind-the-scenes, patiently-waits-for-30-minutes-while-I-take-an-Instagram man, also lovingly known as Mr. RC, is turning another year older *cough, cough* I mean wiser. Apparently, his new thing is responding to my comments, so leave him some birthday love below and you just might get a response from Mr. RC!

black leather shorts how to style leather shorts French Connection leather shorts blue sweater and leather shorts Old Navy pale blue sweater French Connection black leather shorts pale blue sweater Old Navy Sweater // French Connection Shorts c/o (no longer available online, but available in some stores for 60% off along with all other sale items) // Report Signature Shoes // Vintage Clutch

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striped shirt and white jeans During the summer months, Mr. RC and I tend to go to church on Sunday nights, rather than our usual Sunday mornings. We take a leisurely 30 minute stroll to get to where our church is and then, on our walk home, we stop for a date night, be it an ice-cream cone, a slice of pizza or a full meal. What started as a weekly commitment has turned into a ritual that means so much more than just a walk, church, and a date. It has come to signify a time for us to slow down after a busy weekend, a time to regroup and relax for the week ahead, and it ensures that we get a break from one hectic week to the next. While I used to dread Sunday nights for the fear of what followed, I now excitedly anticipate their arrival. Truly, life is all about your perspective on things…

old navy blue and white striped shirt summer clothes fourth of july style white bucket bag aeropostale white jeans summer style Old Navy Top and Bag // Aeropostale Jeans // Report Signature Shoes // Stila Lip Color in “Besos”