About Runway Chef

I first started blogging in 2009, but I lost touch with it in the craziness of finishing college and finding a job. Fast forward a few years, to the middle of a tough economy and needing a distraction from the thousands of job applications I was filling out. I love reading blogs, so I figured why not pick it up again?

I wanted a place where I could be creative, explore my passions and inspire others. So one lovely September day in 2011 Runway Chef was born. The Mr. helped me come up with a name that would encompass my main topics-”runway” for the fashion and “chef” for the food.

To me, fashion is a form of art, inspired by the world around us and interpreted differently by each person. My interpretation is to take the current trends, infuse them into all aspects of my life, add a touch of humour, keep it real and make it work for the every-day girl on an every-day budget (because we all can’t look like a walking Pinterest board!). Having a truly fashionable life is about more than just the clothes. It’s about the food you cook, the places you travel, the way you entertain and even the projects you create and that’s what I love to write about on my blog.