Turkey Table Menu

 Well we don’t host a big Thanksgiving (yet), the Mr. & I always like to prepare our own turkey feast together (usually the week before the actual holiday). I know you may now be viewing us as gluttonous pigs but we prefer to view it as celebrating the best holiday twice (obviously there is nothing better than a holiday centered around food….unless of course you celebrate it more than once!).

In case you’re like me and you wait until the absolute last-minute to do everything (including planning your holiday menu), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes below to help you plan out your turkey day menu.










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  • http://twitter.com/be_healthful Leanne Vogel

    Thanks for featuring my recipe, Alyssa! I’m happy to hear that we’re not the only ones that prepare a large feast for just two people. We just love the holidays for that reason – all of the turkey and fixing that we want!

    • RunwayChef

      No problem! That is so comforting to hear….I thought for sure we were the only people crazy enough to cook that much food for 2 people!

  • http://twitter.com/wvanillasugar Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Thanks for sharing my link! I want every single recipe on here. Mmmm.

    • RunwayChef

      Me too! And you are most welcome :)

  • Stephanie

    All these dishes sound fabulous! Thanks for including my butternut squash! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • runwaychef

      Of course! I always love your recipes! Have a great Thanksgiving too :)