Happy Hour

Continuing with yesterday’s decorating theme, these are some of my favorite things we’ve done to update our apartment (for not a lot of money and using things we mostly already had). Side note, I lied to you yesterday when I said I don’t repaint things anymore. My painting addiction may no longer include walls, but it does include spray painting just about everything (the Mr. even asked if I was going to spray paint him….to which I replied “Of course not! Unless I can’t find anything else to spray paint….”)

Picture cubes updated with silver spray paint + styrofoam letters (his covered in twine, mine waiting to be covered in glitter)

Our new coffee table that we made courtesy of some free pallets, white paint & Ikea legs

This frame was given to me birthdays ago from the boss at my college job and I finally found the perfect picture & the perfect spot for it (on my vanity)

Ikea boxes spray painted gold to give my desk practical AND pretty storage

Chanel artwork (previous glimpse can be seen here) completed & hung

A jar in the bathroom holds our ever-growing seashell and sea glass collection from our various travels

Dollar Store boxes transformed with gold spray paint now hold make-up essentials (You realize by now that my spray painting obsession was no joke!)

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  • Joan

    Love all the decorating you’ve done. My favorites are the glitter frame–you two are so cute! But, the CHANEL is an absolute favorite and certainly compliments your present decor. Looks fabulous and you both did a great job with it! A question, with the gold spray paint–did you at least leave 1 can in the store for someone else???? The boxes look great and add the metallic touch that is so fashionable right now!

    • RunwayChef

      Lol there may have been one can left :) Glad you like all our decor!

  • http://twitter.com/King_David Mr. RunwayChef

    I think secretly Chanel wants you to advertise for you :)

    • RunwayChef

      That would be nice!

  • http://twitter.com/Faith_FTH Faith

    I LOVE your metallic spray on those IKEA boxes. I’ve been needing to replace the canvas crates I currently have in my living room stashing my DVD’s, and I think this is going to be just the trick!

    • RunwayChef

      Thanks! It’s such a cheap and easy way to really spruce things up! Plus you get exactly whatever color you want :)

  • http://twitter.com/Skylite_99 Brooklyn ♡ Sky

    The Chanel artwork is gorge. Actually everything is, you did a great job. I would have never thought of going spray paint crazy but now i know!!!

    • RunwayChef

      Thanks! Dave made it out of a Chanel shopping bag…crazy right?! And yes I’m convinced spray paint makes everything better hahaha

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