15 Types of Burgers

Today I bring you a list of burgers (which wasn’t obvious at all from the title). Would you expect anything less of me than complete and total sabotage of your new year’s diet efforts?? (It’s basically already February, which means you’ve basically forgotten your New Year’s Resolutions….basically).

Runway Chef Burger

Anyways burgers are something we are slightly (read: obsessively) fans of in this household….according to my husband it should be acceptable to have them for every meal….every single day. To which I say “If you’re going to die young, I guess death by burgers is the way to go”. Nonetheless, all this burger eating has led us to discover some delicious, unique and incredible burger combinations. Like the one pictured above…

Runway Chef Burger An Apple and Peanut Butter Bacon Cheeseburger….yes, you did see that correctly. I read about something similar on a friend’s Facebook page and knew that I, of course, had to try it myself.

Runway Chef Burger Cook your burger (I always use lean ground turkey…gotta be healthy somehow, right??). Top with cheddar cheese (use a nice sharp, aged cheddar), then slices of crispy bacon (again, being “healthy” and using turkey bacon) and thin apple slices.

Runway Chef Burger

Top with a drizzle of peanut butter (I used crunchy and I heated it for about 15 seconds in the microwave to make it more of a liquid consistency).

Runway Chef Burger

If peanut butter and apples on a burger isn’t quite your thing (which is totally acceptable), check out one of our other combos below and let me know in the comments if you have any favorites!


*Hawaiian: Ground pork, grilled pineapple slices, grilled red onion ring, pepperjack cheese and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce

*French Onion Soup: Ground beef, swiss cheese & caramelized onions served on toasted french bread

*Italian: Fresh mozzarella, roasted eggplant and zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto on a ground turkey and sausage patty served on a toasted ciabatta roll

*Buffalo: Ground Bison chuck, buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, sliced red onion, sliced tomatillo

*Southwest: Ground beef, Monterey jack cheese, tomato, onion, sliced avocado with a cilantro-lime mayo

*Greek: Ground lamb, feta cheese, sliced tomato, marinated grape leaves, tabouleh

*Fat Cowboy: Ground beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, pulled pork, onion rings, smothered in BBQ sauce and served on thick-cut Texas toast

*Vegan: Tofu patty, broccoli rabe, water chestnuts, sprouts, topped with a crunchy peanut satay sauce. Served in a grilled whole wheat wrap

*Islander: Tuna steak, sliced mango, sliced avocado, fresh sliced jalapeno, lettuce and topped with Sriracha mayo

*Thai Burger: Lean ground pork & turkey mix, topped with asian slaw, chopped cilantro and a drizzle of a spicy sesame and peanut sauce

*Gyro Burger: Ground lean beef seasoned with oregano, topped with red onions, tomatoes and a dill yogurt sauce

*Reuben Burger: Ground beef patty served on rye bread and topped with swiss, thousand island dressing, and coleslaw

*The Breakfast Burger (one I have yet to try): A ground beef patty topped with american cheese, crispy hash browns, bacon and a sunny-side-up egg

*Stuffed Jalapeno Burger (another one I haven’t tried, but looks amazing): Seasoned ground beef wrapped around a cheese stuffed jalapeno, then bacon wrap the entire burger and grill


P.S. This was my attempt at a Superbowl food post. I always get so excited for the Superbowl….in which I am referring to the food….and the drinks……and the commercials…oh and supposedly at some point some guys run around with a ball and then throw it at each other, right??! 😉